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Commercial Pink Shrimp Bycatch Reduction Devices

Bycatch Reduction Devices

Bycatch Reduction Video

This research video shows the effectiveness of bycatch reduction devices (or BRDs) used in the Oregon pink shrimp fishery. The camera shows the face of a BRD (the silvery grate you see in the left side of the frame) located in the throat of a shrimp trawl net. The device is used to exclude fish from the shrimp catch. In the video you will see eulachon smelt and Pacific hake escaping from the net. The effectiveness of BRDs, other modifications to the design of shrimp trawl nets, and close management by the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife, made the Oregon pink shrimp fishery the first shrimp fishery to be certified by the Marine Stewardship Council.

See the bycatch reduction device in action

Bycatch reduction devices or "BRD's" are used by all shrimp trawlers in Oregon. Oregon's shrimp industry lead the mandatory implementation of these devices for their fishery. The use of this device has not only made sorting of fish from the shrimp catch easier, but has allowed shrimp boats to work in areas previously unfishable due to bycatch levels. By nearly eliminating the bycatch of larger fish such as Halibut, Canary, and Yelloweye Rockfish, BRD's have also contributed to the minimization of fishery impacts to these species.The set up (as seen below) is similar to turtle exlcuder devices (TED's) used in South Pacific and Atlantic fisheries. This innovation has vastly decreased the bycatch(fish such as hake and rockfish) of Oregon's shrimp fishery while not affecting the efficiency of shrimp production.

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This hopper holds the port side catch

(no BRD used)

The catch is mixed with large hake, rockfish, and shrimp

shrimp hopper

This hopper holds the starboard side catch

(BRD used)

The catch is primarily shrimp, few small hake, and occasional small rockfish are mixed in


How BRD's work

As seen in the diagram below after fish and shrimp are directed into the opening of the fishing net they are funneled back. As they travel toward the end of the net they are forced down by the guiding panel straight at the excluder. When they reach the excluder they are either forced up and out (fish larger than 1.5 inches wide) or allowed in (shrimp).

BRD's come in the form of a guiding panel combined with metal grates or soft panels, spacing on metal grates (shown) are generally no more than 1.5 inch wide slots.

Bycatch reduction device


fish video

BRD's in Action!

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