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Commercial and recreational marine fisheries

Recreational Shellfish - What's Open?

This site is updated frequently though there occasionally is a delay.

Always call the shellfish hotline 800-448-2474 prior to harvest

OPEN SEASON: Entire year and at all hours. Exceptions are listed under “Harvest Methods and Restrictions” in the table below, and except when any state agency has issued a public health advisory. To learn about current health advisories, contact Oregon Dept. of Agriculture, 800-448-2474.

OPEN AREAS: All areas are open except Marine Gardens, Research Reserves, Habitat Refuges, and Shellfish Preserves. These areas have signs indicating their locations and are listed and mapped in the Sport Fishing Regulations book.

Species Current Season Status


Dungeness crab

Updated 12/20/2017

Recreational crab harvesting in the ocean, bays, docks and piers is OPEN  from Cape Blanco, north of Port Orford, to the Columbia River. Recreational crab harvesting is CLOSED in the ocean, bays, docks and piers from Cape Blanco to the California Border.

It is always recommended you eviscerate the crab and discard the "butter" (viscera or guts) prior to cooking. When whole crab are cooked in liquid, domoic acid may leach into the cooking liquid. It is recommended you discard the cooking liquid, and do not use it in other dishes, such as sauces, broths, soups, stews, stocks, roux, dressings, etc. The consumption of crab viscera is not recommended. 

see a chart

More information from Oregon Department of Agriculture 

Bay clams


Updated 07/20/2015

Open in all areas of Oregon.


Razor clams

razor clam

Updated 01/05/2018

Open from the south jetty of the Umpqua River, south of Reedsport, to the south jetty of Coos Bay.

The harvesting of razor clams remains closed from Cascade Head, north of Lincoln City, to the south jetty of the Umpqua River and from the south jetty of Coos Bay to the California border. This includes all beaches and bays.

Along with the area just reopened, clamming remains open from the Columbia River to Cascade Head.

see ODA announcement



Updated 11/13/2017

Open in all areas of Oregon.

see ODA announcement



Newport (541) 867-4741
Astoria (503) 325-2462
Charleston (541) 888-5515
Brookings (541) 412-7364


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