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Weekly Recreation Report: Columbia Zone



August 27, 2014

 Columbia Zone Fishing

Sockeye Salmon

-Photo courtesy U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Timothy Knepp-

Weekend Fishing Opportunities:

  • The fall salmon season is open from Buoy 10 upstream to the Oregon/Washington Border above McNary Dam (see Sport Fishing Regulation Updates page for retention details). 
  • White sturgeon retention is closed but remains an option for catch-and-release fishing. Anglers are reminded that some spawning sanctuaries are in effect (see special regulations for details).
  • Walleye fishing is good in Troutdale.

Current Columbia River regulations for salmon, steelhead, shad and sturgeon can be found at the Sport Fishing Regulation Update page.

Salmon, Steelhead and Shad

On the lower Columbia this past weekend there were 887 salmonid boats and 99 Oregon bank anglers counted from Bonneville Dam downstream to Tongue Point on Saturday’s (8/23) flight; and 1,741 Oregon boats at Buoy 10.  Anglers at Buoy 10 averaged 1.35 Chinook and 2.26 coho caught per boat.  In the gorge, boat anglers averaged 0.63 fall Chinook caught per boat.  In the Portland to Westport area, boat anglers averaged 0.27 fall Chinook, 0.02 coho and 0.16 steelhead caught per boat, while anglers fishing in Troutdale averaged 0.10 fall Chinook and 0.02 steelhead caught per boat.  Bank anglers fishing in the gorge averaged 0.17 steelhead caught per angler.

Gorge Bank:

Weekend checking showed five adipose fin-clipped steelhead kept for 30 bank anglers.

Chinook Salmon
My First Chinook!!!
-Photo by Mike Coburn-

Gorge Boats:

Weekend checking showed five adult Chinook and one jack Chinook kept for eight boats (22 anglers).

Troutdale Boats:

Weekend checking showed six adult Chinook and one adipose fin-clipped steelhead kept for 58 boats (134 anglers).

Portland to Westport Bank:

Weekend checking showed no catch for 13 bank anglers.

Portland to Westport Boats:

Weekend checking showed 47 adult Chinook, two jack Chinook, two adipose fin-clipped coho and 18 adipose fin-clipped steelhead kept, plus one unclipped coho, one jack Chinook and 10 unclipped steelhead released for 172 boats 410 anglers).

Estuary Bank (Tongue Point to Clatsop Spit):

No report.

Estuary Boats (Tongue Point to Buoy 10):

Weekend checking showed 441 Chinook and 527 adipose fin-clipped coho kept, plus 117 Chinook, 407 unclipped coho and one unclipped steelhead released for 414 boats (1,366 anglers).

- Photo by Rick Swart, ODFW-


Lower Columbia River:

Catch and release only. No report.

Sturgeon creel sampling summaries and catch estimates for Bonneville, The Dalles, and John Day pools: WDFW Mid-Columbia River mainstem sport sampling summary



No report.


Weekly checking showed nine walleye kept for two boats (five anglers).

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