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Snake River Wolf
Snake River Wolf
-Oregon Fish and Wildlife-

Snake River Pack Timeline of Events

Snake River Pack Area of Known Wolf Activity map


March 14, 2014New AKWA and ADW maps posted for Snake River Pack

March 4, 2014Probable depredation by Snake River pack

February 25, 2014 – From the 2013 Oregon Wolf Conservation and Management Annual Report

The Snake River Pack was first discovered in the fall of 2011. Depredations were confirmed in 2013 and the pack was responsible for 1 dead and 2 injured cattle. The pack was counted as a breeding pair with at least 3 pups surviving. Two radio-collared subadult wolves were monitored during the year. The location data showed a pack area of 369 mi2 and 99% use of public lands within the Hells Canyon National Recreation Area.


December 4, 2013New AKWA and ADW maps posted for Snake River Pack

December 2, 2013Snake River Pack depredation qualifies

November 26, 2013Third Snake River Pack depredation confirmed

November 18, 2013Second Snake River Pack depredation qualifies

November 6, 2013Confirmed depredation by Snake River Pack

October 31, 2013Snake River Pack AKWA, ADW maps and Deterrence Plan posted

October 24, 2013Snake River Pack depredation qualifies

October 16, 2013 – ODFW has confirmed a wolf depredation on a calf by the Snake River wolf pack (Wallowa County, Oregon), the first confirmed depredation by this pack.

A summary of the investigation (10/15 Wallowa County)

March 18, 2013  Snake River Pack wolves collared

On March 14, ODFW biologists collared and released two wolves from the Snake River pack in a helicopter capture operation. One of them (OR15) had been collared last August as a pup; biologists replaced his VHF collar with a GPS collar. The other wolf, OR18, is a year older than OR15 and was given a GPS collar also. These collars will enable biologists to better track this pack in a remote part of Oregon.

January 16, 2013 – The ending year-2012 wolf count for the Snake River pack is 7 and Snake River are a “breeding pair” for 2012. More information


August 3, 2012 ODFW successfully captured and radio-collared a wolf of the Snake River Pack yesterday (Aug. 2, 2012), the first collar for this pack. The 49-lb male pup was in excellent condition and was of a size which could easily handle the lightweight VHF collar. The collar will allow ODFW to monitor the pack in this remote portion of Oregon.

Snake River Wolf Pack Howling
-Video by ODFW-

August 1, 2012 – The Snake River pack has at least three pups, a July 25, 2012 survey found. Photos taken by remote camera also show at least three adults in the pack.

During this survey in the Summit Ridge area of the Snake River wildlife management unit in Wallowa County, an ODFW employee also captured video footage of one of the pups howling and other members of the pack returning the howl. See the video here. Wolves are highly social animals and howling is a common behavior that helps packs communicate and stay together. Wolf howls can be heard from several miles away.


October 2011 – New wolf pack in Snake River Unit


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