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2015-17 Budget Development Process

The department has submitted the Agency Requested Budget (ARB) to the Governor for consideration.

The department developed its 2015-17 budget proposal through a public process involving stakeholders, customers, Commissioners, legislators and the Governor’s Office. The department met regularly with stakeholder representatives on its External Budget Advisory Committee (EBAC) (pdf) to develop the budget proposal. EBAC includes representatives of sports groups, industry and other interested parties and provides valuable input on the department budget. Public input was gathered at a series of Town Hall meetings throughout the State in May, 2014.

The Agency projects a significant gap between expenses and revenues in 2015-17 unless action is taken to reduce costs and increase revenue. The 2015-17 budget proposal (pdf) reduces costs by cutting programs and personnel costs and through increased efficiency. To increase revenue, the department will be proposing to raise fees for recreational licenses and tags (pdf), occupational and miscellaneous fees (pdf), and to and create new license types (pdf). The budget proposal also recommends shifting funding for conservation, habitat, law enforcement and other programs that benefit the entire state off license dollars onto State general fund revenues.

The Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission approved the final budget proposal at its August 1st meeting in Salem. If the Commission approves the budget, the proposal will be forwarded to the Governor for consideration. If the Governor concurs, the budget proposal and fee package will be presented to the Legislature to consider in the 2015 legislative session.

The budget proposal is likely to change due to public input, Commission consideration, and action by the Governor and legislature. There will be several opportunities to comment on the proposal as it moves through the budget process (pdf). More information on the ODFW 2015-17 budget and fee proposal can be found here.

Comments may be submitted by e-mail to

More information (pdfs)

2015-17 Agency Requested Budget (ARB) (pdfs)

A. 1517 ARB Certification
C. Legislative Action
D. Agency Summary
E. Revenues
F. Fish Division - Inland Fisheries
G. Fish Division - Marine - Columbia River
H. Wildlife Division - Management
I. Wildlife Division - Habitat
J. Wildlife Division - Conservation
K. State Police Enforcement
L. Administration
M. Debt Service
N. Capital Budgeting
O. Special Reports

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