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Instructors Manual

Funded by a grant from the Federal Aid in Wildlife Restoration Act



Records and Forms

The success of the Hunter Education program depends on good record keeping and reporting by instructors.  The program funding from the US Fish and Wildlife Service is contingent on our being able to substantiate the effort instructors put in and the results achieved.

In addition, the maintenance of student records, the timely and accurate distribution of class materials and the maintenance of the instructor award program are all dependent on good records management.  While this may be one of the least enjoyable parts of hunter education, it is one of the most important.

This section will provide detailed information on the Oregon Hunter Education forms and records.

Materials Request Form

A three-part, carbonless order form.  It should be completed and sent to your Area Coordinator (or directly to the ODFW office with your area coordinator's approval) at least three weeks prior to the planned start date of your course. Keep the pink for your records.  Order only what you need for the specified class. Your Area Coordinator will have a few extras of all materials in case they are needed at very short notice.

(See Policy and Procedures 4.1)

Form Highlights

  1. Do not use a P.O. Box address. All materials are shipped via UPS and they will deliver only to a street address.

  2. Materials will not be shipped unless dates and times of your class are included.

  3. Unless you have supplies left from a previous course, or you need more tests etc., just complete the box "Materials for _____ students".

  4. Student tests and answer keys are to be retained by the instructor and are reusable.  They should not be ordered each time you teach a course.    

Parental Release Form (pdf)

The parental release form is included as a tear-out item with each student manual or as a separate sheet. Students must return this to the instructor before they can take part in the class. The instructor should keep this form for at least three years from the date of the class.

(See Policy and Procedures 2.2 and 4.3)

Student Registration Form (pdf)

The student registration form is one of the two most important forms you'll need to complete.  The form is provided as a tear-out in the manual or as a separate sheet and should be completed by the students at the beginning of the first session. A student registration form should be sent to the Portland office for each student who passes within 15 days of the completion of the course. Make sure the information on this form is accurate and legible (have students PRINT!)

Form Highlights

  1. The certificate number is the number found on the hunter education certificate awarded for successful completion of the course.

  2. Do not use nicknames. If the student uses his middle name, put the first initial and full middle name in the first block. There should be a clear separation between the initial on the name.

  3. The correct birth date is extremely important. We use the date to separate graduates with similar names when issuing duplicate cards.

  4. Always sign (do not print) your signature on any hunter education forms.

  5. Complete the performance evaluations on all students before returning the form to the Salem office.

Certificate of Completion (pdf)

A Certificate of Completion is the most important item to the student. They are required by law to carry this card while hunting.

Complete the front of the certificate from information on the student registration card and at the same time enter the number of the certificate on the student registration card. Please use ink or a typewriter. DO NOT USE A PENCIL.

The certificate becomes valid when you sign it and enter the date of course completion on the reverse side. The student should sign the pledge and enter his/her date of birth when receiving the card.

Remember, students must complete the course of instruction and pass the examination before they are eligible to receive a certificate. Once the certificate is issued, only a legal court order can revoke it: Instructors cannot revoke the certificate of completion once it has been given to the student.

GIVE THIS CARD DIRECTLY TO THE GRADUATING STUDENT. You can suggest the student either give the card to their parent for safekeeping until hunting season or make a copy of the card and store that in a safe place in case the card is misplaced or destroyed.  They must carry the original card when hunting.

Attached to the Certificate of Completion is the student/parent course evaluation from.  Encourage your students to fill this evaluation form out and either return it to you or submit it directly to Portland. If you collect the cards at the end of the class include them with your course report form and the student registration cards when you mail them to Portland.

(See Policy and Procedures 3.7)

Instructor Course Report Form (pdf)

The Instructor Course Report form is the second most important form you'll fill out.It is important to the program because it supplies all the information needed to meet the reporting requirements. It is also important to the instructors because this form is used to calculate points for the instructor award program.This form (along with the student registration forms) must be submitted within 15 days of the completion of the course. All instructors who participate in the class must be recorded and they must sign against their name certifying the number of hours they attended. Send the white copy to the Department Hunter Education office, send the yellow copy to your Area Coordinator and keep the pink copy for your records.

(See Policy and Procedures 4.3)

Form Highlights  

  1. List any course fees collected.  If you collect a fee please keep a record of your expenses on the form provided in the course folder, but do not submit them to the Portland office unless requested to do so.  Each year, a number of instructors will be selected at random to have their records audited.

    (See Policy and Procedures  4.2).

  2. The numbers of students by sex, race and any disability should be taken from the student's registration forms.

  3. "Students enrolled" is the total number of students showing up for the first class; not the number signed up ahead of time or the number who pass.

  4. Hunter education instructor numbers should be listed for all certified instructors. If you do not know the number of an instructor leave the box blank. We will look it up on the computer. If you have an instructor who is not a certified instructor write guest in the instructor number box.

  5. Instructors can claim all the hours they actually were present in the class.


The following materials are used in conducting a Hunter Education course. The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife furnishes all these items to you at no charge. YOU MAY NOT CHARGE THE STUDENTS FOR THIS MATERIAL.

Order only what you need for your upcoming course. Any material left over can be retained for another class or passed on to your area coordinator.

Course Poster

Instructors can use the bright orange posters to advertise their courses by placing them in a conspicuous spot such as schools, sporting goods stores, markets or video arcades. The poster may be used in conjunction with a sign up sheet. Fill in your name and telephone number before you leave the sheet at a sign-up location. Also indicate a cut-off level.

Responsible Hunting

Responsible Hunting is the Oregon student hunter education manual. Each copy contains several tear-out items and forms. A parental release form and student registration form is found in the front of the manual and the answer sheet is found in the back.

The reverse side of the tear-out answer sheet also serves as a name tent and should be used by instructors to help learn the names of their students. Answer sheets/name tents should be collected at the end of each class and the end of the course. Instructors should take great care to ensure students do not retain answer sheets at the end of the course. Destroy answer sheets after the course is completed. 

Answer Key

The hunter education answer keys are not automatically supplied to the instructors. They must be ordered using the Materials Request Form. Instructors should keep the answer keys and reuse them. This item is supplied only to instructors. 

Course Fee Receipts

Course Fee Receipts are automatically included in the basic course supplies and should be used by instructors accepting course fees.


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