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Departmental Information

ODFW's Agency Policies

Administrative Services Policies (pdfs)
ASD_210_06 Use of Employee Owned Pack Animals
ASD_210_10 Public Records Management
ASD_235_001 Timekeeping
ASD_235_002 Salary Advance (Salary Advance Supplemental Guidelines)
ASD_250_01 Contracting and Purchasing Signature Authority
ASD_250_02 Asset Tracking
ASD_250_04 Employee Assigned Property
ASD_250_10 Agency Conference Rooms – External Use
ASD_250_20 Access Badges and Physical Key(s)
Director's Office Policies (pdfs)
DO_100_01 Communication with Local Government
DO_100_02 Policy on Scientific Publications
DO_100_03 Public Records Requests
DO_100_04 Tribal Government Relations
DO_100_05 Internal Audit
HR Policies (pdfs unless otherwise noted)
410: Expectation of Employees
410_01 Department Mission and Principles (updated 6-15-14)
410_02 Code of Conduct (updated 1-15-15)
420: Employee Compensation
420_01 Merit Pay System
420_02 Pay Practices
420_03 Pay Differentials
420_04 Fair Labor Standards Act
420_05 Employee Relocation Allowance
420_06 New Employee Relocation Allowance
420_07 State-Owned Rental Housing
430: Position Classification and Management
430_01 Position Management
430_02 Position Management, Reclassification and Establishment
430_03 Effect of Position Classification Change on Incumbent
440: Filling Positions
440_01 Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action
440_02 Types and Order of Applicant Lists
440_03 Use of Applicant Lists
440_04 Recruitment and Selection
440_05 Types of Appointments to Positions
440_06 Trial Service Period
440_07 Appointment to the Executive Service
440_08 Temporary Appointments
440_09 Direct Appointments
440_10 Alternate Methods of Filling Positions
440_11 Transfers
440_12 Recruitment and Selection Records Retention
440_13 School-to-Work Policy
450: Human Resources Management
450_01 Maintaining a Professional Workplace
450_02 Drug- and Alcohol-Free Workplace
450_03 Smoke-Free Workplace
450_04 Violence-Free Workplace
450_05 Performance Management
450_06 Telework (Telecommuting)
450_07 Management Service Layoff
DAS 50.030.01 Restoration of Management Service Employees
450_09 Reserved for future policy
450_10 Discrimination and Harassment FreeWorkplace
450_11 Workplace Effects of Domestic Violence and Stalking
450_12 Recognition and Awards
450_13 Job Rotation
450_14 Family Relationships
450_15 Support of Employee's Work and Family
450_16 Americans with Disabilities Act Compliance and Reasonable Accommodation
450_17 Driving Record and Criminal History Check (updated 6-15-14)
450_18 Maintenance of and Access to Employee Records
450_19 Employee Training and Career Development
450_20 Uniforms and Professional Appearance (updated 1-15-15)
450_21 Employment References
450_22 Use of Firearms
450_23 Program Accessibility for People with Disabilities
450_24 Unclassified Executive Service Employment and Termination
450_25 Pets and Other Animals/Livestock
DAS 50-090-01 Managing Improper Governmental Conduct
460: Employee Leave
460_01 Sick Leave with Pay
460_02 Vacation Leave
460_03 Special Leaves With Pay
460_04 Family & Medical Leave

Additional Resources – DAS Policy, Attachments and Toolkit:

460_05 Alternative Leave Provisions
460_06 Leave Without Pay
460_07 Holidays
460_08 Temporary Interruption of Employment


460_09 Military Donated Leave
460_10 Military Leave
460_11 Statutorily Required Leave with and without Pay
460_12 Donated Leave
460_13 Expression of Milk and Unpaid Rest Periods
470: Discipline, Termination and Grievance
DAS 70.000.02 Management Service Discipline and Dismissal
  Supplement to Management Service Discipline
470_02 Reserved for future policy
DAS 70.000.10 Management Service Grievance and Appeal
480: Safety Management
480_01 Safe Employment/Workplace
480_02 Safety Committees
480_03 Emergency Response Plans
480_04 Field and Production Work Safety Guidelines
480_05 Accident Analysis and Reporting
480_06 Management of Injured Workers
480_07 Alcohol and Controlled Substance of Testing of Employees Having Commercial Drivers License
480_08 Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Control
480_09 Confined Space Entry
480_10 Control of Hazardous Energy-Lockout/Tagout



480_12 Formalin Handling
480_13 Hazard Communication Program
480_14 Powered Industrial Trucks
480_15 Respiratory Protection Program
480_16 Responding to a Hazardous Material Release
480_17 Reinstatement and Reemployment of Injured Workers

ISD Policies (pdfs)
ISD_610_01 Acceptable Use of State Information Assets
ISD_610_02 Bring Your Own Device
ISD_620_01 Information Asset Classification
ISD_620_02 Transporting Information Assets
ISD_630_01 Security of Information Systems
ISD_630_02 Portable Data Storage
MRD Policies (pdfs)
MRD_710_09_001 Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS)
MRD_710_09_002 Use and Storage of Data Collected by Unmanned Aircraft Systems
Volunteer Policies (pdfs)
VP_01 Volunteer Code of Conduct
VP_02 Maintaining a Professional Workplace
VP_03 Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace
VP_04 Smoke Free Workplace
VP_05 Violence Free Workplace
VP_06 Volunteer Accident Reporting
VP_07 Uniforms and Professional Appearance
VP_08 Access to Criminal Background and Driving Records Checks
VP_09 Driving Record
VP_10 Purchasing Food for Volunteers
VP_11 Volunteer Criminal History Checks
VP_12 Working with Underage Volunteers
VP_13 Volunteer Rewards and Recognition
VP_14 Service at the Disretion of the Organization
VP_15 Driving State Vehicles
VP_16 Volunteer Assigned Property
VP_18 Volunteer Host Housing
VP_19 Volunteer Records and Forms
VP_20 Volunteer Host Length of Stay

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