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Sport Pacific Halibut

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2016 Season


2015 Season


  • Public meetings to inform 2016 halibut and future bottomfish recreational fisheries >> Details

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Central Coast Subarea:

  • The all-depth halibut fishery will be open Oct. 16 and 17 (Friday and Saturday). Whether or not additional days (Oct. 30 and 31) will be open depends on how much quota remains after Oct. 17.

  • ATTENTION. Although waters at all depths are open for bottom fishing, this rule remains in effect: During days open for all-depth halibut fishing, no groundfish may be taken and retained, possessed or landed (except sablefish, Pacific cod and flatfish species) if halibut are on board the vessel. The reason for this rule is to minimize impacts on yelloweye rockfish that would likely occur if there were additional fishing for lingcod and rockfish by all-depth halibut anglers.

  • The nearshore halibut fishery is open daily through Oct. 31 or (revised) quota attainment. If you will be fishing nearshore on Oct. 16 and 17, see ATTENTION bullet above.

Columbia River Subarea: Closed for the remainder of 2015.

Southern Oregon Subarea: Open daily through Oct. 31.



Barn Door or Chicken?

Q:  How much do the halibut weigh this year? Click here for average weights (pdf)


Q:  I caught a 34" Pacific halibut last week. How does my fish compare to others?

A:  The chart below shows that 8% of the Pacific halibut sampled by ODFW in 2014 were 34 inches. If you catch a 50"+ halibut, you'll be in the top 2% in recent years.  

halibut legnth frequency chart


Q:  What's the largest Pacific halibut sampled by ODFW in the Oregon sport fishery?

A:  68.5 inches (see table below). That's a barn door.

  2014 through June SInce 2001
Subarea Average Maximum Maximum (Year Caught)
Columbia River 35" 50" 59" (2006)
Central Coast 36" 56" 68.5" (2006 in Newport)
Southern Oregon 37" 56" 62" (2013)


Underwater Glimpse

halibut escape

Watch a Pacific halibut escape from a commercial pink shrimp trawler. (1.3 mb) Requires Windows Media Player

This video was taken in 2005 during ODFW research to reduce fishery bycatch of small flatfish and juvenile rockfish using a BRD, or bycatch reduction device.

Check out this entertaining and informative video on rockfish recompression.

More Information

The International Pacific Halibut Commission has a wealth of information on its web site.


Lynn Mattes
Project Leader
Phone: (541) 867-0300 x237
Patrick Mirick
Assistant Project Leader
Phone: (541) 867-0300 x223






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