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The Nearshore Resources Planning Project

rocky intertidalThe Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife's Marine Resources Program has undertaken a comprehensive planning effort to assist the Department in developing a strategy for the long-term sustainable management of nearshore resources in Oregon. The initial result of this effort has been the development of the Oregon Nearshore Strategy.

The Oregon Nearshore Strategy

The Oregon Nearshore Strategy begins to look at nearshore fish and wildlife and to address management issues in a broader social and ecological context in Oregon. The Nearshore Strategy provides recommendations for the Department's management of marine fish and wildlife and identifies potential areas of opportunity for public/private action and partnership to contribute to the sustainability of Oregon's nearshore resources.

Increasing Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) management responsibility in nearshore waters, combined with new and increasing pressures on Oregon's nearshore environment, have created a critical need for a proactive, long-term plan to guide ODFW management of nearshore resources. The Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission has recognized nearshore issues as a priority for ODFW.

In 2012 several new components were added to the Oregon Nearshore Strategy. The Marine Resources Program at ODFW reviewed the progress made implementing the recommendations of the Oregon Nearshore Strategy from the time it was published in 2006 through 2011. Significant progress has been made and new information from both ODFW research programs and academic institutions have enhanced what is known about Oregon’s nearshore marine environment, its species and habitats.

  • Oregon Nearshore Strategy Implementation Progress ReportOregon Nearshore Strategy Implementation:

Global climate change was added as the seventh key conservation issue in the Oregon Conservation Strategy in June of 2012. The Marine Resources Program examined the potential effects of global climate change on Oregon's Nearshore environment and resources. These effects are laid out in a technical supplement designed for use by resource managers and decision makers and in a series of fact sheets focused on habitats and species that live there.

To better integrate Oregon's two Strategy documents a Marine Ecoregion chapter (pdf) was added to the Oregon Conservation Strategy to introduce its readers to the marine environment. The Marine Ecoregion chapter presents information about the marine environment, its species and habitats in a similar format to the nine ecoregions chapters already in the Oregon Conservation Strategy.

The Oregon Conservation Strategy

In 2002, the State Wildlife Grants program provided funding nationwide for wildlife conservation planning. To receive funding, each state and territory was required to develop a comprehensive state wildlife conservation strategy. ODFW took the lead in planning for Oregon and developed the Oregon Conservation Strategy. The Oregon Nearshore Strategy, prepared by ODFW’s Marine Resources Program, complements the Oregon Conservation Strategy by serving as a supplemental reference providing additional detail on nearshore marine fish and wildlife, their habitats, conservation needs, and opportunity areas. The Oregon Nearshore Strategy also stands on its own for readers interested specifically in marine issues.

Nearshore Strategy Contacts

Gregory K. Krutzikowsky
Nearshore Policy Project Leader
Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife
Marine Resources Program
2040 SE Marine Science Drive
Newport, OR 97365
(541) 867-0300 X 248


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