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Easy Angling Oregon

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Taking the Family Fishing: What you need to know!

So you are going to take some kids fishing, fantastic!

Here are some common sense steps to help make your outing a success

  • Make it an adventure!

    Depending on their age, allow time and give permission for wading in the water, skipping stones, catching frogs or some other form of free play. This is not time wasted; it’s an investment in the future by creating a fun first experience.

  • Use simple tackle.

    Spincasting tackle is best for teaching children to fish.

  • Use simple baits.

    Use simple baits, such as worms or PowerBait with bobbers or sinkers. It’s fun, easier than lure fishing, and lets kids explore the surroundings while waiting for bites.

  • Be prepared.

    Be prepared to tie the knots, rig the gear, bait the hooks, make the casts, and take the fish off of the hook. If the kids want to participate, let them. Be sure to let them reel in the fish – that’s the fun part! Don’t be critical of their casting skill, knot tying ability or reluctance to handle bait or fish.

  • Be safe.

    If the children are likely to wade or play in the water, we strongly encourage them to wear a life preserver. If you are fishing from a boat, you must have a PFD for each person on board, and children 12 and under must wear them at all times while underway.

  • Have Fun!

    The number, kind and size of fish caught is not as important as spending time with a child and helping him or her learn a sport they will enjoy for their entire lives.

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