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Oregon Sport Fishing Regulations provide requirements for all zones. However, additional regulations may be adopted in this rule division from time to time and to the extent of any inconsistency, they supersede the printed Oregon Sport Fishing Regulations booklet.

 Marine Zone Updates

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Revised Sept. 17, 2014


Fishing Tillomook Bay

Fishing Tillamook Bay
-Photo by Kathy Munsel-

Harvest Restrictions at Marine Reserve sites

Harvest restrictions are effective January 1, 2014 for both the Cascade Head and Cape Perpetua marine reserve sites. Harvest restrictions at the Redfish Rocks and Otter Rock marine reserve sites have been in effect since January 1, 2012.

Marine reserves prohibit all take of fish, invertebrates, wildlife and seaweeds. Also, no deployment of any fishing gear. Marine Protected Areas (MPAs), adjacent to marine reserves, allow or prohibit specific species or gears.

Beach walking, surfing, bird watching, diving and other non-extractive uses are still allowed.

Click on a site for a map, summary of rules, and boundary coordinates (sites are listed from north to south):

More information

The printed 2014 Oregon Sport Fishing Regulations book has errors in the waypoints for the Stonewall Bank Yelloweye Rockfish Conservation Area (YRCA) in the table on page 105. The correct coordinates (pdf) are the same as the last several years.


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