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Fishing in Oregon

Northeast Zone MapSport Fishing Regulation Updates - Northeast Zone

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Oregon Sport Fishing Regulations provide requirements for all zones. However, additional regulations may be adopted in this rule division from time to time and to the extent of any inconsistency, they supersede the printed Oregon Sport Fishing Regulations booklet.

 Northeast Zone Updates

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July 16, 2015



Beginning Saturday, July 18, 2015 until further notice, all waterbodies defined as ‘streams’ in the 2015 Oregon Sports Fishing Regulations will be closed to angling for trout, salmon, steelhead, and sturgeon from 2 P.M. to one hour before sunrise, daily. 

The following areas will remain open for angling for these species during normal hours under 2015 Oregon Sport Fishing Regulations:

  • Wallowa River upstream of Sunrise Road,
  • Lostine River upstream of Pole Bridge Campground,
  • Prairie Creek,
  • Hurricane Creek,
  • Spring Creek, and
  • All streams within the Eagle Cap Wilderness Area.

Angling for warmwater gamefish and other fish, as defined in the regulations, remains open under normal rules.


Beginning Saturday, July 18, 2015, angling for trout, salmon, steelhead, and sturgeon is prohibited at all times, including hours between one hour before sunrise and one hour after sunset, in the following areas:

  • John Day River mainstem upstream of Indian Creek near Prairie City,
  • Middle Fork John Day River upstream of Mosquito Creek, near the town of Galena, 
  • North Fork John Day River upstream of Desolation Creek, and
  • Desolation Creek. 

Angling for warmwater gamefish and other fish, as defined in the regulations, remains open under normal rules.

POWDER RIVER – Chinook salmon

  • See emergency Northeast Zone angling hour restrictions above.
  • Open May 20 to Sept. 1 from Hughes Lane Bridge near Baker City to Mason Dam.
  • The daily bag limit has been increased from past years to four spring Chinook per day.

SNAKE RIVER – Chinook salmon

  • Emergency Northeast Zone angling hour restrictions above DO NOT apply to the mainstem Snake River.
  • Open to sport fishing seven days a week from Dug Bar Boat Ramp to the deadline below Hells Canyon Dam.  The fishery will remain open until a notice of closure is announced.
  • The daily bag limit is four adipose fin-clipped spring Chinook salmon (adult and jacks) per day, no more than two can be an adult salmon more than 24-inches long.  Anglers must stop fishing for salmon for the day when they have kept four jack salmon (equal to or less than 24-inches long) or two adult salmon, whichever comes first.
Only barbless hooks may be used. Anglers are reminded to consult the 2015 Oregon Sport Fishing Regulations for other applicable regulations.

For more information contact your local ODFW office:

  • Enterprise (541) 426-3279
  • La Grande (541) 963-2138
  • Pendleton (541) 276-2344
  • John Day (541) 575-1167

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