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Fishing in Oregon

Fishing in Oregon - 65 Places to go Fishing in Lane County

Find a fishing spot in Lane County


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If you have more time and a boat…

These trips are appropriate for drift boats, pontoons or kayaks. Boaters are always responsible for knowing their craft, the nature of the river and their own abilities. Scout before you go!

1. Middle Fork Willamette River: Pengra to Jasper or Clearwater. A few technical spots keep boaters alert on this classic fish-and-float for trout and the occasional salmon or steelhead. A close-in trip that feels like a remote getaway.

2. McKenzie River: Hayden Bridge to Armitage Park. A gentle float with a few technical spots and abundant trout make this stretch relaxing and enjoyable. Catch-and- release, flies and lures only on this reach.

3. Row River/Coast Fork Willamette River: Row River Rd. Bridge to Cloverdale. Some nice trout fishing on a smaller river. Best time to float is in the spring when water levels are high.

4. Willamette River: The Town Run. Put in at Island Park in Springfield or Alton Baker Park in Eugene and float to Beltline. Very productive for summer steelhead starting in late spring and early summer.

If you go, consider…

Travel Lane County can help you coordinate the details of your trip:

  • Use a local fishing guide to make the most of your time!
  • Learn which day-use permits are needed. Permits may not be available for purchase at fishing locations.
  • Road conditions can change quickly. Check before you go:

What you need

  • A fishing license if you are older than 13
  • A fishing rod, tackle, lures
  • A copy of the Oregon Sport Fishing Regulations
  • Licenses and regulations are available at license agents and online.

Lane County offers so much to explore -- from coastal lakes and rivers to mountain lakes and streams. The Willamette River runs through the Eugene-Springfield metro area and is fed by three major rivers: the McKenzie, Middle Fork Willamette and Coast Fork Willamette. Florence is surrounded by large dune lakes, the Siuslaw River and Pacific Ocean. With so many places to fish, it’s no wonder Lane County is an anglers’ paradise.

Trout, salmon, steelhead, some bass and panfish

Beautiful stretch of river through the urban Eugene-Springfield area. Slow waters, riffles and rapids offer plenty of places for fish to hold. Trout fishing between the mouth of the McKenzie River and the town of Harrisburg can be good during spring months. Late spring through early fall are great months to fish for steelhead and salmon. Target the bedrock slots and pools, soft water at edges and deeper holes.

  1. Alton Baker Canoe Canal, Eugene

    Access is via Alton Baker Park with an adjacent trail that runs nearly the entire length. The canal, effectively a side channel of the river, is stocked with rainbow trout and an occasional steelhead makes its way in from the mainstem Willamette. A midpoint pond offers good fishing, rounding out this popular location.

    Disabled Access    Fish    picnic    restrooms

  2. Beltline Landing at Beltline and River Ave., Eugene

    Often a take-out for floating the “town run” of summer steelhead, this landing also provides bank access, summer recreation and a launch for a lesser-floated reach to the town of Harrisburg.

    boat ramp

  3. Island Park, Springfield

    Provides good bank access to the river as well as a boat ramp.

    boat ramp    Fish    picnic    restrooms

  4. Ruth Bascom Riverbank Path System (Willamette River Trail)

    A unique opportunity to target summer steelhead from late spring into early fall with or without a boat. Bike paths line the river from Island Park in Springfield to Randy Pape Beltline in north Eugene. Target the long bedrock runs and pools. Access to amenities in multiple locations.


  1. Orchard Point Park, Fern Ridge Reservoir, Veneta
    Crappie, bass, bluegill, bullhead, warmouth, carp

    Western Oregon’s largest waterbody by surface area, this reservoir offers excellent warmwater fishing for large bass and panfish. Good bank access. Additional access at several parks and along the dam face. Explore the shallow lagoons and bottomland creeks on the south end from a canoe or kayak.

    boat ramp    camping    picnic    camping

  2. Junction City Pond, Junction City

    This easy-access pond is great for beginners and has fishing docks and restrooms. High use from nearby urban areas.

    Disabled Access    Fish    restrooms


South of Springfield. The Coast Fork is a nice pontoon fishery with few (but significant) navigational challenges; hard-frame boats need higher flows. Bank access is limited because it flows mostly through private land. Target the bedrock slots and pools, soft water at edges and deeper holes for trout in the spring. Salmon and steelhead are occasionally caught here in the late spring and early fall.

  1. City of Cottage Grove

    Access through town and just north of town to the mainstem Coast Fork Willamette River. Technical float due to multiple navigation hazards.


  2. Boy and dad
    Trout Fishing
    -Oregon Fish and Wildlife-
    Cloverdale Rd. at Sears Rd., Pleasant Hill

    Good bank access and inflatable boat launch. Roadside parking for vehicles.

    Fish    picnic

  3. Lynx Hollow, Creswell

    Although a gate at the entrance is open occasionally, plan on walk-in access only at this beautiful green space on the mainstem Coast Fork.

    Fish    picnic


  1. Mosby Creek, Cottage Grove

    This Row River tributary is immediately southeast of Cottage Grove with multiple access points along Mosby Creek Rd. and Blue Mountain Rd. This creek offers good fishing for hardworking trout anglers. Steelhead are occasionally caught.

  2. Row River Nature Park, Cottage Grove
    Trout, bass, bluegill, bullhead

    The pond with a dock is stocked with rainbow trout in the spring providing an excellent family-friendly fishery. The park has been a focus of restoration efforts and hosts great wildlife viewing opportunities; none of the other ponds are stocked. Also provides bank access to the Row River.

    Disabled Access    Fish    picnic    restrooms

  3. Row River at Schwarz Park, Cottage Grove

    Schwarz Park is about 5 miles east of Cottage Grove and provides access to the Row River at the base of Dorena Dam. Offers a wide variety of recreation opportunities, including swimming, hiking, biking, and a hand launch for small watercraft. No formal day use, but anglers are welcome to park at gate and walk through to access.

    restrooms    picnic    camping    camping


  1. Cottage Grove Reservoir, Lakeside Park, Cottage Grove
    Bass, bullhead, bluegill, trout

    Smaller reservoir with diverse and productive fishing, open year-round. Health advisory (mercury) for fish consumption.

    boat ramp    camping    Disabled Access    Fish    restrooms   camping

  2. Dorena Reservoir, Baker Bay County Park, Cottage Grove
    Bass, bullhead, crappie, bluegill, trout

    Diverse fishing in a lake that is also popular with boaters and swimmers. Health advisory (mercury) for fish consumption.

    boat ramp    camping    Disabled Access    Fish    picnic   restrooms   camping

  3. Garden Lake, Creswell
    Bass, bluegill, bullhead, trout

    Previously known as Creswell Pond, this pond offers warmwater fishing in a park setting. Trout fishing is best from late winter to early spring. Aquatic vegetation growth in the summer makes fishing challenging but is a great place for families the rest of the year.

    Fish    restrooms    picnic

Trout, steelhead, salmon

Middle Fork of the Willamette
Middle Fork of the Willamette
-Photo by Martyne Reesman-

The Middle Fork has outstanding fishing opportunities for boat and bank anglers, although bank angling can be limited due to access. Trout fishing is good to great in spring and summer. Steelhead and salmon fishing begins in May and runs through early fall. Some boating navigation challenges. Nice remote feel while still close to town. Boaters can choose floats of varying lengths.

  1. Black Canyon Campground, Westfir
    Located within a beautiful, shady campground, the boat ramp remains open year-round and provides access to the head of Lookout Point Reservoir as well as the Middle Fork.

    boat ramp    camping    picnic    restrooms    camping

  2. Clearwater Landing, Springfield

    Recently upgraded facilities with access to the Middle Fork Path. Makes a nice put-in for floating down into the mainstem Willamette, with take-outs at Island Park, D Street or Alton Baker Park.

    boat ramp    picnic    restrooms

  3. Dexter Dam, Lowell

    Boat ramp is located immediately below the dam and is accessible from Dexter State Recreation Area. Amenities available in the park.

    boat ramp    picnic    restrooms

  4. Jasper Bridge, Jasper

    Provides good bank fishing and an unimproved boat launch on the south bank. This is a nice take-out for Dexter-Jasper float or a stopover for a longer float.

  5. Pengra Boat Launch, Jasper

    A good boat launch with bank access. At lower water levels, there is some access to less-fished water across the river.

    boat ramp    restrooms


  1. Fall Creek (above Fall Creek Reservoir), Lowell

    Picturesque stream above Fall Creek Reservoir. Popular summer recreation area with swimming holes. Good bank access from multiple campgrounds.

    Fish    camping       picnic    restrooms    camping

  2. North Fork of the Middle Fork Willamette, Westfir

    A beautiful and remote-feeling river in a deep canyon. Fly fishing with barbless hooks only. Access from pullouts along FS Rd. 19; the lower 12 miles offer particularly good water. Although this is also a popular summer swimming stream, fishing pressure is light.

    camping    picnic    restrooms

  3. Salmon Creek, Oakridge

    Located immediately northeast of Oakridge via Salmon Creek Rd. (FS Rd. 24). Multiple access points at pullouts, bridges, and a campground, as well as hiking to a waterfall and mountain biking. Visit ODFW’s Willamette Hatchery along the way!

    camping    Fish    restrooms


  1. Dexter Reservoir
    Dexter Reservoir
    -Photo by Martyne Reesman-
    Dexter Reservoir, Lowell State Park, Lowell
    , bass

    Reservoir with park, playground and marina. Trout fishing is best from fall to spring. Heavy use by water-skiers and sailboaters. Dexter is home to a pikeminnow derby during the Blackberry Jam Festival in late July.

    boat ramp    camping    Disabled Access    Fish    picnic   restrooms

  2. Erma Bell Lakes, Oakridge

    Series of three lakes north of Waldo Lake in the high Cascades with hike-in access. Very popular area for hikers, providing access to other trails and lakes.

    camping    restrooms    camping

  3. Fall Creek Reservoir, Cascara Campground, Lowell
    Trout, bass, crappie

    Good bank and boat access. Popular recreation area with access to camping, hiking, swimming and boating available at additional locations.

    boat ramp    camping    Fish    picnic    restrooms   camping

  4. Gold Lake, Oakridge

    Beautiful, easy-access lake in the Cascades near Willamette Pass. Fly fishing only for brook and rainbow trout. No motors, but good for small watercraft and/or float tube.

    boat ramp    camping    picnic    restrooms   camping

    Hills Creek Reservoir, Oakridge
    Trout, crappie, bass
  5. A popular reservoir with many access points. Other recreation opportunities include camping, hiking trails, mountain biking.

    28. Packard Creek Campground.

    boat ramp    camping    picnic    restrooms   camping

    29 C.T. Beach Picnic Area

    boat ramp    camping    restrooms   camping

Lookout Point Reservoir, Lowell
Trout, crappie

Year-round fishing and recreation opportunities. Several points of bank access from West Boundary Rd. on the north shore. Trolling from a boat does well here, although bank fishing can be productive for trout. Multiple ramps are available.

30. Several points of bank access from West Boundary Rd. on the north shore.

camping    picnic    restrooms

31. Signal Point Boat Ramp

boat ramp    restrooms

Waldo Lake, Oakridge
Trout, kokanee

One of the largest and clearest lakes in Oregon, Waldo was historically stocked with a variety of trout species. The most productive fishing is generally at the north and south ends of the lake, accessed from multiple boat ramps. Bank access is limited.

32. North Waldo Campground

boat ramp    camping    picnic    restrooms   camping

33. Shadow Bay Campground

boat ramp    camping    picnic    restrooms   camping

Trout, steelhead

McKenzie River
McKenzie River
-ODFW Photo-

The McKenzie is famous for its adventurous trout and steelhead fishing in a beautiful, pristine setting. Late spring brings good steelhead fishing and while trout fishing can be good nearly year-round, it is truly great from late spring through fall. The upper river can be accessed via several campgrounds, boat launches and the McKenzie River Trail.

  1. Ben and Kay Dorris Wayside, Vida

    This scenic site offers nice bank access as well as an easy boat launch. Good take out to avoid Marten Rapids just downstream.

    boat ramp    Fish    picnic   restrooms

  2. Finn Rock Landing, Blue River

    This is a popular launch for a day trip on the McKenzie and also offers good bank access on the upstream side.

    Fish    camping

  3. Paradise Campground, McKenzie Bridge

    Located in the campground, this launch provides access to a beautiful stretch of the upper river.

    boat ramp    camping    picnic    camping  

  4. Silver Creek Landing, Nimrod

    A bare-bones launch 3 miles west of Nimrod provides access for both bank and boat anglers.

    Fish    picnic   restrooms


  1. Blue River Reservoir, Lookout Campground, Blue River
    Trout, bass

    Very popular summer recreation lake with trail access. Open year-round and stocked in spring and early summer. Bank access is at boat ramps and along the shoreline.

    boat ramp    camping    Disabled Access    Fish    picnic   restrooms   camping

  2. Carmen Reservoir, Upper McKenzie

    Open year-round, this small, easy-access lake fishes well through the summer. Motorized boats prohibited.
    Clear Lake

    Clear Lake
    -Photo by Rick Swart, ODFW

    boat ramp    camping    Fish    restrooms

  3. Clear Lake, Clear Lake Resort, Upper McKenzie (Linn County)

    Headwaters of the McKenzie River, 148-acre natural lake famous for its “underwater forest.” Motorized boats prohibited. Non-motorized boat rentals available at county-owned resort onsite.

    boat ramp    camping    Fish    picnic   restrooms

  4. Cougar Reservoir, Slide Creek Campground,
    Rainbow Trout

    Bank anglers can head to the upper end of the reservoir and boat anglers to the coves for the best fishing on this large waterbody.

    camping    picnic    restrooms    camping

  5. Leaburg Lake, Leaburg

    This easy-access, family-friendly location provides access for fishing from bank or boat.  Stop by ODFW’s Leaburg Hatchery, right next door!

    boat ramp    Fish    picnic    restrooms

  6. Scott Lake, McKenzie Bridge

    Lovely stocked lake in the High Cascades off of Hwy. 242 (closed seasonally for snow). One of the few drive-in High Cascade lakes on the west side, this is also the jumping-off spot for trails to several other more remote fishable lakes.

    camping    Fish    restrooms    camping

  7. Smith Reservoir, upper McKenzie (Linn County)

    A boat launch at the dam provides access to a boat-in campground. The lake fishes well and receives little pressure. Access to the scenic McKenzie River National Recreation Trail is nearby and offers great hiking. Very little bank access.

    picnic    restrooms    camping    Fish

Salmon, steelhead and trout

The lower river offers diverse fishing opportunity and less technical water for boating. Some sections are fly and lure only during parts of the year—know the regulations for where you are fishing. Salmon fishing heats up in late spring and early summer, while trout fishing is fine year-round and great in both late spring and early fall.

  1. Armitage Park, Eugene

    Provides great access to boat or bank fishing with full amenities. Popular take-out for a float from Hayden Bridge.

    boat ramp    camping    picnic    restrooms    camping

  2. Deerhorn, Walterville

    Located on Holden Creek Rd. off of Hwy. 126, there is a ½-mile stretch of bank access as well as a boat launch.

    boat ramp    Fish    picnic    restrooms

  3. Greenwood Landing, Leaburg

    This popular boat launch also provides bank access for anglers. Visit ODFW’s McKenzie Hatchery, just 1 mile west.

    boat ramp    Fish    restrooms    camping

  4. Hayden Bridge, Springfield

    Easy access to a stretch of river with less technical water that fishes well for native trout. Limited bank access available.

    boat ramp    restrooms    camping

  5. Hendricks Bridge, Walterville

    A peaceful oasis close to Springfield, this park offers full amenities, some bank access and a popular boat ramp. Ending point for salmon trips from Leaburg or starting point for wild trout floats to Hayden Bridge.

    boat ramp    picnic    restrooms    camping

  6. Leaburg Landing, Leaburg

    Some bank access available primarily for salmon and steelhead. Good access to the middle river below Leaburg Dam.

    boat ramp    Fish    restrooms    camping

Salmon, steelhead, cutthroat trout

The Siuslaw hosts top-notch fisheries for Chinook, Coho, steelhead and sea-run cutthroat trout in a beautiful coastal river setting.

  1. Cushman

    A paved public dock located on the Siuslaw east of Florence. Nice access for salmon and steelhead.

    boat ramp

  2. Port of Siuslaw, Florence

    Great location for fishing, clamming or crabbing within walking distance of Old Town Florence. Full amenities are available.

    boat ramp    camping    picnic    restrooms    camping

  3. Rhododendron Drive, Florence

    Good opportunity for Chinook and coho fishing on a rip-rapped bank just above the mouth.

  4. Whittaker Creek Boat Launch, Whittaker Creek Rd. at Siuslaw River Rd.

    Provides boat and bank access to the Siuslaw in an area with extensive smolt releases. Bobber and jig can be effective for both boat and bank anglers. Seasonal amenities at BLM campground.

    boat ramp    camping    restrooms


Lake Creek, Below Triangle Lake
Salmon, steelhead, cutthroat trout

This tributary to the Siuslaw has good fishing in the lower reach below Green Creek. Hwy. 36 tracks the creek closely. Facilities available at the BLM site. Check with the local ODFW office for most current regulations.

55. Deadwood Boat Ramp near the mouth of Deadwood Creek.

boat ramp    camping

56. Konnie Memorial Park near the town of Swisshome.

boat ramp    restrooms


  1. Triangle Lake, Blachly
    Bass, bluegill, yellow perch, bullhead, kokanee, trout

    This large, popular, natural lake offers varied fishing that can be red-hot, especially on the south and east shores. Access by boat or from a fishing pier.

    boat ramp    camping    Disabled Access    picnic   restrooms   camping


  1. Alder Lake, Florence

    A 3-acre dune lake with access to trails. Adjacent to a campground, this lake provides family-friendly access for trout fishing.

    camping    Fish    picnic   restrooms   camping
  1. Carl G. Washburn Memorial State Park, Florence
    Surf perch

    Easy beach access from the park and known for producing good surf perch opportunities, particularly in spring and summer. Check in with your local ODFW office for advice on how to rig your tackle. Amenities available in the park.

    camping    picnic   restrooms

Honeyman State Park, Florence
Trout, yellow perch, bass

Large, deep coastal dune lakes accessed via Honeyman State Park on opposite sides of Hwy. 101. Wide variety of recreational opportunities with options for the whole family; bank access is mostly limited to boat ramp areas. Camping and all other amenities are within the State Park.

60. Clewox Lake

boat ramp    camping    Disabled Access    Fish    picnic   restrooms   camping

61. Woahink Lake

boat ramp    Disabled Access    Fish    picnic   restrooms   camping
  1. Munsel Lake, Florence
    Trout, yellow perch, bass

    Popular for boating, swimming and fishing, this shore dune lake offers varied fishing opportunities. Shoreline is mostly privately owned; access at boat ramp.

    boat ramp    Fish    camping

  2. Siltcoos Lake, Dune City
    Salmon, trout, yellow perch, catfish, crappie, bass

    This large, somewhat shallow lake is well-used and has a wide variety of fish available, including coho salmon.

    camping    Disabled Access    Fish   restrooms

  3. South Jetty Pier, Florence
    Crab, surf perch, rockfish

    While you can fish for salmon or rockfish, the big draw here is crabbing. Also provides beach and OHV access. Many local shops offer crab pot rentals.

    restrooms   camping

  4. Sutton Lake, Florence
    Trout, yellow perch, bass

    Actually comprised of two lakes (East and West Sutton) that are linked by a short channel. Shoreline is mostly private; bank access at boat ramp and campground.

    boat ramp    camping    picnic   restrooms   camping

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