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Hunting in Oregon

Controlled Hunts

How to Apply for a Controlled Hunt

TO APPLY for a controlled hunt, you must have a VALID HUNTING LICENSE which can be purchased at the same time as the controlled hunt application. Application fee is $8.00 per hunt series.

  • To apply for a controlled hunt you may go to a license agent, apply by mail, fax or on-line.
  • To apply by mail or fax, use the application form (pdf). A $2.00 shipping and handling fee applies. If applying in person or via the internet, you may use the application form as a worksheet to speed up the process. License agents will ask for information shown on the application form.
  • Available hunt choices are listed in the controlled hunt tables for each species/ series.
  • Enter at least one complete hunt number choice (3-digit minimum). You may enter up to four additional hunt choices. All hunt choices on one application for a series must have the same first digit.
  • Hunters should apply for more than one hunt choice in case a particular hunt is cancelled.
  • Verify that all information entered is what you requested before the transaction is completed. The license agent will give you an application showing your hunt choices. You should check it for accuracy before you leave the license outlet, and keep it for proof of application.

Party Applications

New: You must indicate if you are applying as an individual, party member or party leader when applying for your controlled hunts.

ALL APPLICANTS, INCLUDING PARTY LEADER, MUST PURCHASE SEPARATE APPLICATIONS. Parties must assign ONE member as the party leader. Each party member, except party leader, must enter their party leader’s HUNTING LICENSE NUMBER on their application.

  • The party leader’s hunt choices will be used for the entire party. All members must list the same choices (as the party leader) on their individual applications.
  • Party-size limitations: 18 hunters for deer and elk; 6 hunters for black bear; ONLY 2 hunters for pronghorn. No party applications are permitted for bighorn sheep or Rocky Mt goat. All persons in parties that exceed the allowed party size will be considered single applicants in the drawing.
  • Parties will NOT be split to fill hunt quotas. This also applies to limits on controlled hunts for nonresidents. If the nonresident maximum is reached, parties composed solely or partially of nonresidents will not receive tags in that particular hunt.
  • Please note: Big game results will not be available until June 20th. Bird results will not be available until the day before permits are available.

If there is an error on your controlled hunt application (incorrect party leader’s license number, hunt choice, etc.), or if you need to change your application, you must contact the Controlled Hunt staff by June 1 to have it corrected. Please fill out the Controlled Hunt Change Form (pdf) or mail a photocopy of your application with the corrections marked to ODFW-Controlled Hunts, 4034 Fairview Industrial Dr. SE, Salem, OR 97302, or fax to 503-947-6113 or 6117. To View your application status and history.

black bear


Spring Black Bear

  • Purchase application: Feb. 10
  • Tag & results available: Feb. 20

Tag purchase deadline: Day before earliest hunt opens*

big horned sheep

Pronghorn, Bighorn Sheep, Deer, Elk, Rocky Mountain Goat

  • Purchase application: May 15
  • Tag & results available: Jun. 20
  • Tag purchase deadline: Day before earliest hunt opens*

* If a controlled hunt tag is valid for general season, you must purchase your tag prior to the earliest hunt date.

Landowner Preference Deadlines

Postcard notifications are no longer mailed out but results are available online (My Hunter Information page) or by phone (1-800-708-1782) no later than Feb. 20 for spring black bear and June 20 for big game. It is the hunter’s responsibility to verify success in the drawing and purchase or pick up any tags by the earliest opening day before the hunt begins, or by the earliest opening date for hunts with split-season dates, including tags obtained with a Sports Pac.

  • IF SUCCESSFUL: Tags must be purchased or picked up by the day before the hunt begins. In the case of a controlled hunt tag that is also good for general season, the tag must be purchased or picked up by the day before the earliest hunt or by the earliest opening date for hunts with split-season dates.

  • IF UNSUCCESSFUL: Hunters may purchase a general season tag and/or purchase leftover tags if available on a first-come, first-served basis.

The Landowner Preference Program



Youth who will turn 12 during a season (controlled or general) must purchase their tag prior to the tag sale deadline but may not hunt until they turn 12.

General Season Tags

You may purchase or claim tags directly from a license agent, by mail, or fax or via internet before the tag sale deadline. To purchase or claim by mail or fax, use the application form (pdf). Be sure to clearly identify which tags you want to purchase and include appropriate fees. General season tags available are:

  • Fall black bear
  • SW Additional Bear
  • Cascade Additional Bear (Nonresident)
  • SW Oregon Spring Bear (Limited)
  • Western Oregon Deer
  • Cougar
  • Additional Cougar
  • Bow Deer
  • Bow Elk
  • Cascade Elk
  • Coast Elk First Season
  • Coast Elk Second Season
  • Rocky Mt Elk First Season
  • Rocky Mt Elk Second Season

Controlled Hunt Tags

  • elk
    Hunters have the option of deciding whether or not they want to purchase the tag for the hunt choice drawn. Hunters who choose not to purchase their tag lose any preference points used in the draw.
  • Successful applicants may purchase or pick up tags directly from a license agent, by mail or fax or via internet by the day before the hunt. Note: If you are submitting by mail, fax or internet please allow 10 days for shipping.
  • Telephone purchases are not accepted.
  • Check the TAG PURCHASE DEADLINE to allow plenty of time to complete this transaction.
  • To purchase or pick up tags in person, go to a license agent and buy the tag(s) you drew.
  • To purchase or pick up tags by mail or fax: Make a photocopy of your license OR write your full name and hunting license number on a piece of paper. Include a check, money order, VISA or Master Card for the tag fee amount and a $2.00 shipping and handling fee payable to ODFW. If paying by credit card, include the account number, expiration date and signature to authorize charges. DO NOT SEND CASH.
  • Mail to: Oregon Dept. of Fish and Wildlife Licensing 4034 Fairview Industrial Dr. SE Salem, OR 97302 or fax payment if using a credit card to 503-947-6117 or 6113.

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