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Hunting Migratory Game Birds

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Hunting Waterfowl


Waterfowl hunting regulation changes for 2015-16 season

The canvasback bag limit has been increased to 2 per day within the overall bag limit for ducks.

The white goose (snow and Ross’s) bag limit has been increased to 6 per day in the NW Permit goose zone.

Significant changes have occurred to the NW Permit and NW General Goose Seasons including:

  • The season for Dusky Canada geese has been closed. It is a wildlife violation to shoot a Dusky Canada goose.
  • There is no quota for Dusky Canada geese, since no harvest is allowed.
  • There are no longer goose check stations.
  • Northwest Oregon Goose Permits are still required but harvest cards are not required.
  • The former Northwest General Goose Zone has been combined with the Northwest Permit Zone.
  • Legal shooting hours for geese in the Northwest Permit Zone have been changed to 15 minutes after sunrise to 15 minutes before sunset (see shooting hours table in regulations).
  • All days of the week (during the open NW Permit season) are open to goose hunting.
  • Geese must be intact and fully feathered in the field and while in transit to the place of permanent residence of the possessor.
See the 2015-16 Oregon Game Bird Regulations for specific information.
NW Permit Goose ID Testing

canada gooseAll goose hunters  in the Northwest Permit Zone are required to have taken the Northwest Oregon Goose Test.

To obtain a Northwest Oregon Goose Hunting Permit, take the test online.


Sauvie Island Wildlife Area, Eastside Reservation Check-in

During 2014 the Department considered possible changes to the method which determines the order in which hunters with reservations check-in or pick a hunting blind at the Eastside/Oak Management Units.  After considerable public input, the Department did propose changing the method from first-come/first-served to one in which a randomly assigned “pick order” number determines when a hunter checks-in or picks a blind.  At the August 2014 Fish and Wildlife Commission meeting the Commission adopted this proposal with the understanding that the new system would be implemented beginning with the 2015-16 waterfowl season. Unfortunately, the necessary changes to the Department’s Controlled Hunts Computer System could not be made in time for implementation in 2015-16. Accordingly,check-in and blind selection procedures for 2015-16 will remain unchanged from previous seasons.

The Department does intend to complete the computer system changes by the beginning of the 2016-17 season and will implement the new system at that time.  Under this new system, successful applicants will be assigned a random number during the controlled hunt draw process which will correspond to the order in which they will pick a blind or check-in.  For example, there are 5 available blinds in the Racetrack Unit and each successful applicant for the Racetrack Unit would receive a random number  from 1 to 5.  The hunter with #1 will have first choice of blinds, the hunter with #2 will have second choice of blinds, and so on and so forth.  Hunters with roam unit reservations will simply check-in in numerical order.  Roam unit hunt parties, who apply as a party during the controlled hunt draw, will all receive the same check-in number.

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