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2011 Management Overview and Summary of Oregon Sardine Landings

Based on a biomass estimate of 537,173 metric tons (mt) the coastwide maximum Harvest Guideline (HG) for Pacific sardine was set at 50,526 mt for 2011 in accordance with the Coastal Pelagic Species Fisheries Management Plan (CPS FMP) and procedures for the annual management cycle of Coastal Pelagic Species Fisheries. This was an approximately 30% decrease from the 72,039 mt HG for 2010. A set aside of 4,200 mt from the HG was established for exempted fishing permits (EFP) to allow for industry sponsored research projects. To allow for incidental catch of Pacific sardines in other CPS fisheries and to help ensure the fishery does not exceed the coastwide HG, set-asides totaling 5,000 mt were established (see table below). Thus, the directed sardine fishery opened under an adjusted allocation totaling 41,326 mt. Amendment 13 to the CPS FMP was adopted by the Pacific Fisheries Management Council (Council) in June 2010 to implement new provisions in the reauthorized Magnuson-Stevens Act and the National Standard 1 guidelines which require that an Overfishing Limit (OFL), an Acceptable Biological Catch (ABC) and an Annual Catch Limit (ACL) be established for each stock. For Pacific sardine The Council adopted an OFL of 92,767 mt, an ABC of 84,681 mt, and an ACL equal to the ABC for the 2011 fishing year. Amendment 13 has yet to be adopted by the National Marine Fisheries Service.

The Pacific sardine HG was allocated seasonally for waters off the coast of Washington, Oregon, and California in accordance with the CPS FMP as follows:

  1. January 1, 35% of the HG to be allocated coastwide;
  2. July 1, 40% of the HG, plus any portion not harvested from the initial allocation, to be reallocated coastwide; and
  3. September 15, the remaining 25% of the HG, plus any portion not harvested from earlier allocations, to be reallocated coast wide.

If the incidental set aside is not fully attained or is exceeded in a given allocation period, the National Marine Fisheries Service(NMFS) may adjust the directed harvest allocation to account for the discrepancy for the next allocation period as an automatic action.

The table below summarizes the 2011 allocations. Sardine landings in Oregon will be updated after each allocation period closes.

Coastwide Maximum HG = 50,526 mt; EFP set aside = 4,200 mt; Adjusted HG = 46,326 mt
All quantities in Metric Tons Jan 1- June 30
Period 1*
July 1- Sept 14
Period 2**
Sept 15 – Dec 31
Period 3***
Seasonal Allocation 16,214 18,530 11,582 46,326
Incidental Set Aside 1,000 1,000 1,000 3,00
Management Uncertainty -- -- 2,000 2,000

Initial Directed Allocation

16,214 17,530 8,582 41,326

Actual Directed Allocation

15,214 18,474 8,800 42,488

Oregon Directed Landings

0 6,810 1,511 8,321

Preliminary Oregon landings through 10/29/11.

*1st allocation period closed early on March 5 because the allocation was projected to be reached.
**2nd allocation period closed early on July 12 because the allocation was projected to be reached.
***3rd allocation period closed early on September 21 because the allocation was projected to be reached.

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