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Nearshore Advisory Committee (NAC)

Recommendation 2 of Oregon's Nearshore Marine Resources Management Strategy (Nearshore Strategy) proposes the establishment of a Nearshore Advisory Committee (NAC). In response, the NAC was formed in 2006 and consisted of a group of Oregonians representing diverse interests in sustaining Oregon's marine resources. The advisory committee provided a channel for the general public, user groups, non-governmental organizations, tribes and/or other agencies to informally communicate with and advise ODFW on approaches to managing nearshore resources for sustainability.
Implementing the Nearshore Strategy involves moving towards a more proactive approach to marine resource management. The NAC was envisioned to assist with Nearshore Strategy implementation by:

  • Anticipating coast-wide and local nearshore issues, discussing these issues with ODFW staff and their own constituents, and providing advice on implementing the Nearshore Strategy's recommended actions.
  • Providing input to staff during reviews and updates to the Nearshore Strategy.
  • Promoting the formation of local nearshore community action teams to facilitate communication between the public and ODFW, and to assist in implementing Strategy recommendations

Nearshore Advisory Committee Members

In 2006 the NAC members were selected to have a compact yet well-diversified group that could offer insight and advice to the ODFW Marine Resources Program. Members selected for the Nearshore Advisory Committee include:

  • Ralph Brown, Brookings
  • Leesa Cobb, Port Orford
  • Loren Goddard, Depoe Bay
  • Paul Heikkila, Myrtle Point
  • Scott Heppell, Corvallis
  • John Holloway, Portland
  • Mark Lottis, Gold Beach
  • Paul Meyer, Garibaldi
  • Gil Sylvia, Newport
  • Dick Vander Schaaf, Portland


The NAC held a series of meetings in 2006 and 2007 that were open to the public. The records of the meetings are provided in the link below.

Progress, Roadblocks and Progress

On August 8, 2008 ODFW staff presented information about progress made in implementing both Oregon’s Conservation and Nearshore strategies to the Commission. They also noted that newly emerged issues, namely wave energy and marine reserves, redirected nearshore and additional ODFW staff resources away from focused implementation of the Nearshore Strategy. As a direct result, the Nearshore Advisory Committee has not been active nor met since the spring of 2007. In addition, development of the Nearshore Fisheries Management Plan (NFMP) was put on hold at this time.

New ODFW staff members have recently taken up the challenge and are taking stock of progress that has been made since the Nearshore Strategy was adopted. Work on the NFMP is now underway again and implementation of many aspects of the Nearshore Strategy recommendations continued over the years. Staff members have also begun the initial integration of the Nearshore Strategy and Oregon Conservation Strategy to strengthen the link between these two documents. The list of accomplishments in implementing the Nearshore Strategy has grown considerably, but some of the roadblocks related to ODFW staff and funding continue. The resources to reinvigorate the NAC remain limited at this time.

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