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2011-13 Priorities

2011-2013 Priorities for Achieving Our Mission

Provide leadership in conserving Oregon’s fish and wildlife resources

Strategy:  Conservation Strategy Implementation

Initiation of bird/bat monitoring programs in eastern Oregon to determine presence/absence, abundance, and other population parameters of select species that would likely be affected by large-scale energy development projects.

Continue working with members of the conservation community on the development of legislation creating a Wild Bird Seed Tax program.  Continue working on the development of the Decision Support System (DSS)

Development of a Mitigation Policy guidance document.

Develop a prioritized list of Oregon Conservation Strategy related projects that will be funded through Parking Permit revenues.

Strategy:  Revitalize Oregon Plan, including conservation and recovery plans and Salmon strongholds.

Fish Division will identify action/products when direction from the Governor’s Office is available. 

Maintain and enhance fishing, hunting and wildlife viewing opportunities

  Strategy: Assess programs

Survey customers to assess what programs and activities are working/not working to allow agency to increase effectiveness.  Convene internal work group to determine scope of project, develop work plan, timeline and budget for completing the assessment.

Strategy:  Get information about opportunities to the public

Develop fishing access map that includes links to regulations. Convene internal group to develop scope, timeline, and estimate of cost.

Work with Oregon State Shooting Sports Association (OSSA) and ranges to increase awareness of shooting ranges through addition of shooting range locations on online map. 

    Work with OSSA and ranges to increase awareness of ODFW grants.

    Increase visibility of ODFW and federal funding through signs acknowledging funding source.

    Determine impact of new USFWS requirements and guidelines on grant program and grant recipients and revise program as necessary.

On-going development of strategic partnerships with industry, retailers, organizations, agencies and others to expand offering of “how to” workshops, clinics and outreach efforts.  Involve industry, retailers, organizations, agencies and others in development of a collaborative strategy to recruit, retain and reactivate hunters, anglers and wildlife viewers.

    Build relationships and invest in joint recruitment and retention actions with industry, retailers and organizations.  For example, youth pheasant clinic partnerships with BiMart; another summer steelhead campaign with NSIA; web-based advertising on wildlife viewing map with Leopold & Stevens. 

    Revise lapsed Angler Program with RBFF to take advantage of new guidelines and potential focus on modes of contact (email, mobile delivery of web content, etc.)

Focus on wildlife viewing.  Convene a workgroup of internal staff and stakeholders to identify viewing interest and needs among constituents.

    Enhance the Wildlife Viewing Map, provide more/enhanced viewing opportunities on ODFW properties, and look for additional partnerships on viewing (such as tours, on-line wildlife cameras, and others).

Promote workforce development

Strategy: Continue to implement and improve Leadership Development Program

Two employees selected for Leadership Development Program in September 2011.  An announcement and application process will begin in June/July 2013 for the 13-15 biennium Leadership Development Program.

 Strategy: Identify promotional hurdles and develop tools for employees that help with career paths (including a career development structure to become managers)

Complete staff survey concerning morale/inclusiveness, professional development, and connection with mission using input from Labor Management Committee. 

Develop on line tool for staff to identify training opportunities based on input from the survey and career paths. 

Ensure sustainable service to Oregonians by seeking diverse funding for the department

Strategy: Identify new funding sources and expanded markets

Increase marketing efforts, reaching out to diverse populations with the following actions:

    Consult with DHS Hispanic Network and others for guidance on building effective relationships with diverse audiences.  Develop network of contacts to provide guidance for ODFW efforts

    Update media mailing list and contact list to ensure outreach to diverse audiences

    Increase diversity depicted in photos used in publications. 

    Monitor ongoing human dimensions efforts regarding outreach and recruitment of diverse audiences.

    Increase visibility of translation tool on ODFW website

    Increase availability of Spanish language versions of selected ODFW printed materials

    Research potential for holding limited number of pilot events for Hispanic audience

Ask for legislative authority to enhance marketing and advertising capabilities for the agency, such as:

    To offer discounted licenses (e.g., late season special)

    To offer free licenses (e.g., lottery for free license next season)

    To have greater latitude in procurement process to allow for more timely and efficient marketing efforts

    To bundle products with other agencies (e.g., State Park pass & angling license)

    To sell advertising on ODFW website

Strategy:  Pursue a pay for technical services model (user pay model)

Project team comprised of internal and external participants to identify models, cost-benefit analysis, and develop of recommendations for ELT.

Strategy:  Avoid losing current funding

Develop a report highlighting consequences of loss of funding.  Include demographic and economic/funding/participation trends. Lay out program and funding priorities—highlight funding challenges and possible program cuts and possible solutions.

Complete license fee analysis to look at possible restructuring. 

    Contract with Southwick and Associates to conduct analysis that can provide information about license buyers’ preferences regarding potential new license types/license pricing

Update ending balance projections and identify approaches to maintain sufficient ending balance through the end of 2015. 

Effectively respond to emerging water and energy issues

Strategy:  Develop legislative strategy to move to a user pay model.
Strategy:  Develop a guidance document to implement ODFW Habitat Mitigation Policy. 

Product: The development of a draft guidance document was initiated in 2000 by a designated group of ODFW staff but was never completed.  Using that draft as a starting point, a team of staff will be convened to review, update, and complete the guidance document.

Strategy:  Increase and implement priority data collection efforts

Product:  The Western Governors’ Association directed States to build decision support systems to provide species and habitat data across large landscapes and across the western states. ODFW established an internal workgroup that is building the structure for a Decision Support System (DSS). This tool will more consistently collect, manage and display data and provide spatial mapping of species and habitats. Phase 1 of this project, using selected priority species and landscapes, will be completed and operational on-line by December 2013. The current budget is $100,000 and an additional $74,000 in requested federal grants. Additional fiscal resource needs will be identified as the project develops.


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