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Winter steelhead caught on the Siletz
-Photo by Derek Wilson-

Fishing with Cured Eggs

Sodium sulfite in egg cures and cured eggs

A recent study by ODFW and OSU showed that a common ingredient in some egg cures and cured eggs – sodium sulfite – can be toxic when consumed by juvenile salmon and steelhead. Anglers can help reduce this risk to juvenile fish by doing the following when buying, preparing and fishing cured eggs:

  1. Choose eggs and egg cures that meet Oregon guidelines for sodium sulfites. (The manufacturers and products listed below have been certified as meeting Oregon guidelines. It includes only those manufacturers who have submitted information to ODFW for certification. The list will be updated as additional products are certified.)
  2. If you’re making your own cure, consider using borax instead of sodium sulfite.
  3. When you’re fishing with cured eggs:
    1. Don’t add additional sodium sulfite to already cured eggs
    2. Don’t dump unused eggs in the river where they can be eaten by juvenile fish
    3. Consider the use of net bags to reduce the likelihood of young fish eating the eggs.

Thank you for joining us in our efforts to help protect young salmon and steelhead.

Meeting Oregon Guidelines

Beginning Oct. 1, 2011, the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) asked cured egg and egg cure manufacturers to voluntarily limit the amount of sodium sulfite used in egg cures and cured eggs to comply with new guidelines to protect juvenile fish.

Products produced after Oct. 1, 2011 will be labeled “meets Oregon guidelines” assuming they meet our criteria for sodium sulfite. Products produced prior to Oct. 1 are not required to be labeled and it may take up to a year for existing inventory to clear the shelves.  The following products, listed by manufacturer, have now been certified as meeting ODFW guidelines.

Amerman’s Salmon Eggs

  • Salmon Cured Eggs
  • Steelhead Cured Eggs
  • Amerman Steelhead Cure
  • Amerman Salmon Cure

Crowes Bait Company

  • Salmon Roe for Salmon
  • Salmon Roe for Steelhead

D&G Bait, Inc.

  • Cured Salmon Roe

FinReaper Bait Co.

  • Reaper Red
  • Sunset Pink
  • Atomic Orange
  • Natural Magic

Mr. Shur-Cure Bait Cure & Preserver

  • Egg & Prawn Cure
  • Herring Brine

Nate’s Bait

  • Egg Cure
  • Strike Force
  • Egg Cure Plus
  • Bor-roe Cure
  • Cured Roe

Pautzke Bait Co., Inc.

  • Fire Cure
  • BorX O’ Fire

Pro-Cure Bait Scents

  • Pro-Cure Egg Cures
  • Tuna Flavored Egg Cures
  • UV Glow Egg Cures
  • Last Supper Egg Cures
  • Wizard Egg Cures

Sunrise Bait

  • Cured Salmon Eggs
  • Boraxed Salmon Eggs

TNT Bait Cure

  • Kenai Egg Cure
  • Radiant Orange Egg Cure
  • Radical Red Egg Cure
  • Natural Glow Egg Cure
  • Krill Dynamite Egg Cure

Triple Threat Bait

  • Deadly Egg Dry Cure
  • Herring Cure
  • Secret Egg Dry Cure

Xtreme Northwest Bait Co.

  • Cure-All Bait Cure

This list is provided for information only and does not constitute an endorsement of products by ODFW. MANUFACTURERS: For more information about the certification process, and to find the Sodium Sulfite Certification Form, go to


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