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FORT ROCK 74% public lands. Beginning at Silver Lk; west on State Hwy 31 to Klamath Marsh-Silver Lk Rd; west on Klamath Marsh Rd to Williamson Rvr; west and south on Williamson Rvr returning to Klamath Marsh Rd; west on Klamath Marsh Rd to US Hwy 97; west on Scott Cr Rd 66 one mi to Sand Cr; southwest on Sand Cr to Crater Lk NP boundary; north and west on Crater Lk NP boundary to Pacific Crest Trail; north on Pacific Crest Trail to State Hwy 58; southeast on Hwy 58 to Crescent Cr; north on Crescent Cr to Co Rd to Crescent; east on Co Rd to Crescent; north on Hwy 97 to Gilchrist main logging rd one mi north of Gilchrist; east on Gilchrist main logging rd 9775 to State Hwy 31 between milepost 16 and 17; southeast on Hwy 31 to Lk Co Rd 5- 10 at Horse Ranch; 22 mi east and south on Lk Co Rd 5-10 to junction with Lk Co Rd 5- 14; east on Lk Co Rd 5-14 to Lk Co Rd 5- 14F at Christmas Valley; southwest on Lk Co Rd 5- 14F to State Hwy 31, 9 mi east of Silver Lk; west on Hwy 31 to Silver Lk, point of beginning. (Maps: Deschutes/ Winema / Fremont NF, Lakeview BLM)

Fort Rock Unit Map (pdf)

FORT ROCK UNIT 77:Unit wide hunts
Fort Rock Unit (177)
FORT ROCK UNIT 77: Sub-unit hunts
**W High Cascade (119A) - Page 1 (pdf) Page 2 (pdf)
**Silver Lake - E Fort Rock Muzzleloader (176M)
**E Cascade Muzzleloader (234M)
**Paulina - E Fort Rock Muzzleloader (235M)
**Paulina - E Fort Rock No. 1 (235X)
**Paulina - E Fort Rock No. 2 (235Y)

**North Lake (277A) - view map (pdf)

** E Fort Rock - Silver Lake (476A)
**E Fort Rock - Silver lake Muzzleloader (476M)
**E Slope Bow (477R) - view map (pdf)
**S Central (731A)

** Please review the Big Game Regulations for sub-unit descriptions.

NOTE: This information is for reference use only, and is not intended to replace the information found in the current Big Game Regulations. Please consult the Big Game Regulations before purchasing tags or planning your hunting excursions.