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STEENS MT 69% public lands. Beginning at Burns; southeast on State Hwy 78 to Follyfarm; southwest on Co Rd through Andrews to Co Rd junction 1 mi north of Fields; northwest on Co Rd to Frenchglen; north on State Hwy 205 to Burns, point of beginning. (Maps: Burns BLM).

Attention Hunters Who Plan to Apply for Big Game Tags for Hunts in the Steens Mountain Area

Due to the passage of the Steens Mountain Cooperative Management and Protection Act of 2000 (the Act) (P.L. 106-399, October 30, 2000), access to certain areas and landownership in the area will change. In this bill, the 170,000-acre Steens Mountain Wilderness Area was created and the use of motorized or mechanized vehicles (4-wheel drive vehicles, All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs), motorcycles, etc.), mechanical transport (mountain bikes, game carts, etc.), motorized equipment (chain saws, etc.), and the landing of aircraft are prohibited. The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Wilderness Management regulations can be found at:

A few designated routes excluded from this wilderness designation will remain open for primary access to the area. These include the Steens Mountain Back Country Byway, the Cold Springs Road, the Newton Cabin Road to Big Indian Creek, the Fish Creek Road, and portions of the Bone Creek Road (please refer to maps on the following website: Also, motorized and mechanized vehicle travel off existing roads and trails in the rest of the 500,000-acre Cooperative Management and Protection Area (CMPA) is prohibited [Sec. 112(b)(1)(A)]. Information and maps of the boundaries of the CMPA, the Steens Mountain Wilderness Area, land exchanges, and a summary of the Act can be found at the above website. This site also contains information on how to contact the BLM, Burns District Office personnel to help you with questions you may have about the new designation and how it affects access. The site will be updated as new information about the area is available.

New Maps Available
An updated map of the CMPA and surrounding areas, showing open roads, pending land exchanges, and various other designations will be available from the BLM, Burns District Office in early May (about $4.00). This map will be updated as land exchanges occur. Also, a new Steens Mountain Hunt Unit #69 map is now available for $5.00 at the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife Office, 237 Hines Blvd., Hines, Oregon (no mail or phone orders). This map shows the wilderness area boundary and open roads but does not have the pending land exchanges.

Steens Mountain Unit Map (pdf)

STEENS MOUNTAIN UNIT 69: Sub-unit hunts
**Steens Mtn. (169A)
**High Desert No. 1 (278A1)
**High Desert No. 2 (278A2)
**High Desert Muzzleloader (278M)
**Harney Basin (466B)
**Steens Mtn. (469A) (all of unit 69, excluding Malheur NWR)
**Steens Mtn. No.1 (569A1)
**Steens Mtn. No. 2 (569A2)
**N Catlow Rim (569B) - view map (pdf)
**E Beatys Butte/Alvord Peaks No. 1 (570B1) - view map (pdf)
**E Beatys Butte/Alvord Peaks No. 2 (570B2) - view map (pdf)
**Harney Basin Agri (679A) -Page 1 (pdf) Page 2 (pdf)
**Harney Basin Agri Youth (679T) -Page 1 (pdf) Page 2 (pdf)

** Please review the Big Game Regulations for sub-unit descriptions.

NOTE: This information is for reference use only, and is not intended to replace the information found in the current Big Game Regulations. Please consult the Big Game Regulations before purchasing tags or planning your hunting excursions.