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TRASK 46% public lands. Beginning at McMinnville; southwest on State Hwy 18 to Salmon Rvr; west on Salmon Rvr to Pacific Ocean; north on Pacific Ocean coastline to north shoreline at mouth of Tillamook Bay; east on north shoreline of Tillamook Bay and Wilson Rvr to State Hwy 6 at Mills Bridge; northeast on Hwy 6 to State Hwy 8 near Gales Cr; southeast on Hwy 8 to State Hwy 47 at Forest Grove; south on Hwy 47 to State Hwy 99W; southwest on Hwy 99W to McMinnville, point of beginning. (Maps: ODF Tillamook, Siuslaw NF, Salem (BLM)

Trask Unit Map (pdf)

Cascade Head – Lincoln City Special Area (Units 14, 17) – view map (pdf)

The Cascade Head - Lincoln City Area is closed to hunting with centerfire rifles, muzzleloaders, or handguns.
Hunting is restricted to archery and shotguns only during authorized seasons, except for department
approved emergency hunts. Hunters using shotguns for elk shall use slugs (single projectile) only.  See
Big Game Regulations for Area Description and current information.

TRASK UNIT 14: Unit wide hunts
Trask Unit (214)
Central Trask No. 1 (214B1) - view map (pdf)
Central Trask No. 2 (214B2) - view map (pdf)
Trask Unit Youth (214T)
Trask Unit (614)
Trask Unit Youth (614T)
Wilson - Trask (712A)
TRASK UNIT 14: Sub-unit hunts
N Muzzleloader (100M)
**W Trask (214A) - view map (pdf)
**Wind River (214C) - view map (pdf)
**Beaver Cr. ( 214D) - view map (pdf)
**Pike (214E) - view map (pdf)
**NE Trask No. 1 (214F1) - Page 1 (pdf) Page 2 (pdf)
**Panther Cr. (214G) - view map (pdf)
**NE Trask Muzzleloader (214M) - Page 1 (pdf) Page 2 (pdf)
Wilson - Trask (712A)

** Please review the Big Game Regulations for sub-unit descriptions.

NOTE: This information is for reference use only, and is not intended to replace the information found in the current Big Game Regulations. Please consult the Big Game Regulations before purchasing tags or planning your hunting excursions.