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WILLAMETTE 1% public lands. Beginning at Sandy; southwest on State Hwy 211 to State Hwy 213; southwest on Hwy 213 to Cascade Hwy at Silverton; south on Cascade Hwy to State Hwy 22; east on Hwy 22 to State Hwy 226; south and west on Hwy 226 to Richardson Gap Rd east of Scio; south on Richardson Gap Rd to Lacomb-Lebanon Rd; west and southwest on Lacomb-Lebanon Rd to Lebanon; west on State Hwy 34 to I-5; south on I-5 to Belt Line Rd; west and south on Belt Line Rd to State Hwy 126; west on Hwy 126 to Poodle Cr Rd; north on Poodle Cr Rd to State Hwy 36; northeast on Hwy 36 to Territorial Rd near Cheshire; north on Territorial Rd to Monroe; north on State Hwy 99W to Dawson Rd (Co Rd 45200); west on Dawson Rd to Bellfountain; north on Bellfountain Rd to Decker Rd at Invale School; west on Decker Rd to State Hwy 34; northeast on Hwy 34 to Corvallis; north on State Hwy 99W to Airlie Rd (No 7) at Suver; northwest on Airlie Rd to State Hwy 223; north on Hwy 223 to Perrydale Rd at Dallas; north on Perrydale Rd to State Hwy 22; northwest on Hwy 22 to State Hwy 18; northeast on Hwy 18 to State Hwy 99W; north on Hwy 99W to State Hwy 47; north on Hwy 47 to State Hwy 8; northwest on Hwy 8 to State Hwy 6; east on Hwy 6 to US Hwy 26; southeast on US Hwy 26 to Cornelius Pass Rd; northeast on Cornelius Pass Rd to US Hwy 30; southeast on US Hwy 30 to Multnomah Channel at Sauvie Island bridge; southeast on Multnomah Channel to Willamette Rvr; northeast down Willamette Rvr to state line in Columbia Rvr; southeast on state line to Sandy Rvr; southeast up Sandy Rvr to TenEyck Rd; south on TenEyck Rd to Sandy, point of beginning. (Co maps)

Willamette Unit Map (pdf)

WILLAMETTE UNIT 15: Unit wide hunts
**N Muzzleloader (100M)
Willamette Unit (615)
WILLAMETTE UNIT 15: Sub-unit hunts
**Willamette Plus No. 1 (215A1)
**Willamette Plus No. 2 (215A2)
**Sandy (216D)

** Please review the Big Game Regulations for sub-unit descriptions.

NOTE: This information is for reference use only, and is not intended to replace the information found in the current Big Game Regulations. Please consult the Big Game Regulations before purchasing tags or planning your hunting excursions.