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Regulating harvest, health, and enhancement of wildlife populations

Living with Wildlife

For information on how to live with wildlife, visit these species pages:

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Beaver Racoon
Gray Squirrel Coyote

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Enjoy Oregon’s Wildlife

As human population grows, people and wildlife often find themselves living in the same area. And, when wildlife habitat and food and water resources disappear, animals often look for food and nest sites in homes and garages. Here are some general tips to avoid wildlife conflicts:

Keep Oregon’s Wildlife Healthy

  • Secure your garbage
  • Feed pets indoors
  • Never feed wildlife
  • If you feed birds, be aware that feeders may attract other wildlife. Place feeders so only birds can get to them
  • Don’t feed the ducks and geese

Critter-proof your home

During spring breeding season animals search for sites to raise their young out of the reach of predators. In the fall, some look for places to spend the winter.

  • Evaluate your home and buildings for places an animal could enter. Don’t forget the eaves and attic—squirrels and raccoons like them. Skunks like to burrow under porches and woodpiles. Look at vents, drain pipes, and cracks in foundations where mice, rats, bats and snakes could enter.

  • Seal potential entryways with sturdy wire mesh or solid materials and caulk openings before animals move in. Screen foundation vents.

  • Cover window wells with chicken wire or heavy wire mesh or purchase commercially made grates or bubbles.

  • Screen chimneys, wood stove pipes, and furnace, attic and dryer vents. Chimney tops can be screened to prevent birds and animals from nesting inside. First, check with your local fire department or other safety resource to prevent fire and safety hazards. Close dampers when not in use to avoid drop-in guests.

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