PFA Grant Program

How to Apply

ODFW anticipated next open solicitation period to be Fall 2024 with up to $10M in funding available. Specific dates and deadlines will be posted here and sent by email to those subscribed to the Grant Program’s email list. Subscribe now to stay informed and receive those critical announcements and other periodic updates about the Grant Program.

Grant Management System

Applications for the PFA Grant Program are accessible via the Grant Management System. Initially, prospective applicants will need to create a new account in the Grant Management System to complete the registration process. The registration process will create your log-on credentials. You'll be able to access the Grant Management System with those credentials moving forward.

Access the Grant Management System Now

Need More Info?

There are a few ways to get more information and connect with us:

  • Contact for the PFA Grant Program directly at
  • Reference the most current form of the PFA Grant Program’s Grant Guidelines.
  • View the PFA Grant Program’s Regions Map to find your regional PFA Stream Biologist. The Grant Program has divided Oregon into five regions for the Program, and the map will help you determine which biologist to contact by Grant Program Region including counties. (Tip: We encourage prospective applicants to consider contacting your regional PFA Stream Biologist while building your application as they often can provide additional insight.)
Frequently Asked Questions

We know there are questions about how the Grant Program works and what applicants need to know.  We've developed a list of commonly asked questions with answers for you to review. Tutorials and other information resources will be posted to this page, and additional Q&A's will be added here as they arise. If you have specific questions about the Grant Program you'd like to be addressed – please submit your question here.

Here are some key ingredients for a strong application:

  • Making a Difference for PFA Species: Your project should demonstrably benefit the conservation status of one or more  species covered by the Private Forest Accord Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP).
  • Addressing Conservation Needs: Align your project with priority actions and limiting factors identified in official recovery plans.
  • Bigger Impact, Better Results: Projects with a broader scope (landscape or watershed) and measurable benefits on fish and amphibian populations are highly considered.
  • Stronger Together: Partnering with other organizations and leveraging additional funding strengthens your application.

No! As long as your project benefits HCP PFA-covered species, it can be considered, regardless of location.

We fund projects in four categories: Implementation, Planning, Research & Monitoring, and Stakeholder Engagement.

Most organizations in Oregon are eligible, including non-profits, businesses, government agencies (local, state, federal), tribes, and more. Individuals must partner with an eligible entity.

No, matching funds are not mandatory, but they can strengthen your application. Projects with matching funds may receive additional points during review.

The application period typically opens for two months in the Fall. Sign up for email notifications to stay informed about upcoming application windows. 

Grant awards are typically announced the following Spring. Plan your project start date for late summer or early fall of the year after submitting your application to account for processing and contracting timelines. This timeline is subject to change but may become more streamlined in the future.

No, there are no set funding limits. You can apply for any reasonable amount and propose any reasonable project timeframe.

Grantees need to submit progress reports twice a year: with an additional mid-project performance report halfway through the project and a final project report before the project ends.

Yes! You can watch a helpful video overview of the grant program, eligibility criteria, and more here: link to video:

Yes, you can submit multiple applications.

Contact your local PFA Stream Biologist as you consider building your application so they can provide additional insight. You can find your local Stream Bio by clicking here

You can also reach the primary contact for the PFA Grant Program at or you can reference the most current form of the PFA Grant Program Guidelines found at

PFA Grant Program Regions Map

PFA Grant Program’s Oregon Administrative Rules: provide more information on eligibility and the focus of funding.

Informational Overview of PFA Grant Program (Watch Video Now): This presentation provides a thorough review of this new grant program. It covers a wide breadth of topical content including program priorities, applcant eligibility, how to apply, available funding opportunities, additional resources for applicants, and more. The Informational Overview presentation slides (pdf) are available for reference, too.

2023 Grant Guidelines: The guidelines provide a comprehensive overview for prospective applicants of the grant program and process, application instructions, proposal submission requirements and details, post-award project implementation policies and guidelines (including reporting), templates and other reference materials. 2024 Grant Guidelines will be released late summer/early fall 2024. Join the mailing list to stay informed when new documents are released.