PFA Grant Program

The Private Forest Accord Grant Program: A Game Changer for Oregon’s Fish, Wildlife, and Forests

The ODFW Private Forest Accord Grant Program is an incredible opportunity to move the dial toward conservation and recovery for some of Oregon’s most sensitive fish and amphibians. With significant investment from the State of Oregon and timber harvest tax revenue, the Private Forest Accord Grant Program will be capable of delivering nearly $15 million in conservation grants every year (up to $250M over the life of the program). Watershed-scale investments in projects like stream habitat restoration, removal of barriers to fish passage, cold water and flow protection, beaver-modified habitat creation, and more will create statewide benefits for the species covered by the Private Forest Accord Habitat Conservation Plan. The investments will be big, the projects on the ground will be large, and the benefits to Oregon’s fish and wildlife will be huge. Join the effort – apply for a Private Forest Accord Grant and make a difference for Oregon’s fish, wildlife and forests!

About the Private Forest Accord Grant Program

The Private Forest Accord Mitigation Fund and its associated grant program (known as the PFA Grant Program) was established in the 2022 Legislative Session (Senate Bills 1501 and 1502; House Bill 4055) as an outcome of the landmark agreement between timber and conservation groups designed to enhance aquatic resource protections in the Forest Practices Act while providing long term regulatory assurances for the timber industry. With these changes, the parties agreed that Oregon Department of Forestry should develop a Habitat Conservation Plan and acquire a federal Incidental Take Permit to address a suite of aquatic species potentially impacted by timber harvest and forest practices. Learn more about this important effort at the Oregon Department of Forestry’s webpage.

The PFA Grant Program’s purpose is to support projects that benefit the fish and aquatic wildlife species and habitats covered by the anticipated Habitat Conservation Plan, and is administered by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Focus & Types of Funding

Focus of PFA Grant Funding

The PFA Grant Program seeks to fund projects that effectively conserve or restore habitat for aquatic organisms covered by the pending Oregon Department of Forestry Habitat Conservation Plan and pursuant to the Private Forest Accord Authors’ Report. Potential applicants are encouraged to address the limiting factors and priority conservation actions called for in the various conservation and recovery plans available for the Habitat Conservation Plan’s covered species.

The Grant Program Advisory Committee and ODFW will prioritize funding projects in the following categories, however this list does not preclude other projects that benefit the PFA HCP covered species:

  1. Restoration of degraded habitat to natural condition/function, or to a condition likely to be resilient to projected changes
      Examples (but not limited to):
    • Aquatic organism passage
    • Wood augmentation in stream
    • Beaver conservation and reintroduction
    • Wildfire resiliency
    • Restoration treatments in riparian conservation areas
    • Riparian thinning to enhance species diversity
  2. Land, water, and habitat preservation
    • Conservation easements, fee title acquisitions, leases or transfers that prevent the impacts of development threats to covered species and their habitats on a particular property
  3. Threat reduction or elimination
      Examples (but not limited to):
    • In-stream flow protections
    • Reduction of livestock grazing impacts on riparian areas, including fencing off or exclusion as well as installation of off-stream stockwater systems or hardened watering gaps
    • Invasive species removal or suppression
Available Types of Funding

The PFA Grant Program offers grant funding at least once per year through a competitive solicitation. Prospective applicants are encouraged to read the PFA Grant Program’s Grant Guidelines which provide a comprehensive overview  of the grant program and process, application instructions, proposal submission requirements and details, post-award project implementation policies and guidelines (including reporting), templates and other reference materials. For more information, read the PFA Grant Program’s Oregon Administrative Rules as well as the Grant Program Advisory Committee’s Expenditure Framework.

The PFA Grant Program’s annual, competitive solicitation process is what the Grant Program Advisory Committee refers to as “Regular Grants.” Applicants are most likely to receive consideration, and should plan their grant submittals, as part of the Regular Grants solicitation process. On more rare occasions, the MAC may also consider out-of-cycle proposals that meet specific criteria, and those are referred to as “Urgent Grants” in the program’s administrative rules.

Urgent Grants may only be considered for critical need projects that are time-sensitive and high priority, and that need funding outside of the Regular Grant funding opportunity. Urgent Grants must follow additional procedures above-and-beyond Regular Grants, including a pre-application meeting with ODFW, submittal of a one-page pre-application for ODFW to determine urgency and critical need, and applicants must present to the Grant Program Advisory Committee on their project. Urgent Grants must have all permits, access agreements, and must be ready to implement upon reward. Urgent grants may also be required to provide up to 25% project match.

The PFA Grant Program Advisory Committee

The Grant Program Advisory Committee focuses on directing Grant Program funds towards efforts that address the lasting environmental effects of past forest practices on species protected by the Private Forest Accord Habitat Conservation Plan (PFA HCP). The Grant Program Advisory Committee achieves this by advising the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission and the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife on strategic funding allocation for the PFA Grant Program. The final decisions regarding fund expenditures rest with the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission.

The Grant Program Advisory Committee is committed to public transparency. They hold monthly public meetings, and everyone is encouraged to participate and attend. Visit the Grant Program Advisory Committee’s public meetings webpage for more information.

Learn More about the Advisory Committee