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Private Forest Accord Mitigation Fund Grant Program

The Private Forest Accord Mitigation Fund was established in the 2022 Legislative Session (Senate Bills 1501 and 1502; House Bill 4055) as an outcome of the landmark agreement between timber and conservation groups to recommend changes to the Forest Practices Act.  The Private Forest Accord allows for forest practices to proceed with increased protections for natural resources, including the development of a habitat conservation plan (HCP) for aquatic species. The Private Forest Accord Mitigation Fund’s purpose is to fund projects that help aquatic species and habitats covered by the HCP, and is to be administered by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. Learn more about this important effort at the Oregon Department of Forestry’s webpage.

Contact Us

Please contact the ODFW Private Forest Accord Grant team at pfa.grants@odfw.oregon.gov . This email is monitored by various staff members.

Public Notice of upcoming meetings

Public comment request

Any request for public comment at upcoming Private Forest Accord Mitigation Advisory Committee meetings must be requested at least 48 hours before the meeting through the link provided above.

Recent Public Meetings & Webinars

Committee members
Member Type Term Name Affiliation
Voting 1 year Chad Washington Nuveen Natural Capital
Voting 1 year Bob Van Dyk Wild Salmon Center
Voting 2 years Chrysten Rivard Trout Unlimited
Voting 2 years Heath Curtiss Hampton Lumber
Voting 3 years Fran Cafferata Oregon Small Woodland Association
Voting 3 years Andrew Purkey North West Guides & Anglers
Voting 4 years Mark Stern Oregon Conservation & Recreation Fund Member
Non-Voting Indefinite Mark Grenbemer Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board
Non-Voting Indefinite Jennifer Weikel Oregon Department of Forestry
Non-Voting Indefinite Kate Wells National Marine Fisheries Service (NOAA)
Non-Voting Indefinite Chris Allen United States Fish & Wildlife Service
Non-Voting Indefinite Sara Gregory Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife