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Update May 19, 2011

Second wolf killed to reduce livestock losses

A second uncollared wolf from the Imnaha pack was killed by ODFW last night (May 18) as part of efforts to reduce livestock losses by wolves.

The young female wolf was shot on private land. At the time, the wolf was with four other wolves from the pack (including one of the younger collared wolves) in an area where livestock depredation has occurred this year.

The latest confirmed depredation by a wolf (a calf) occurred the evening of May 16, 2011. All wolf kills of livestock this year have taken place on private land.

Update May 18, 2011

Calf confirmed killed by wolves in Wallowa County

ODFW confirmed another livestock loss by a wolf in Wallowa County today.

A calf was killed by a wolf on Monday night (May 16) in the same area where a wolf was trapped (Monday evening) and killed by ODFW (Tuesday morning).

ODFW and USDA Wildlife Services jointly investigated the depredation, which occurred on private property. A calf was also killed on this same property by wolves last year. 

ODFW has now issued 24 “caught in the act” permits, which allows livestock producers to shoot a wolf they “see in the act of biting, wounding or killing livestock.” (See the news release below for more details.)

ODFW will continue with efforts to kill another uncollared wolf in the Imnaha pack to limit further livestock losses.

Wolf killed in Wallowa County in effort to reduce livestock losses

May 17, 2011

SALEM, Ore.—An uncollared young male wolf from the Imnaha pack was trapped and euthanized this morning by ODFW staff. The action occurred on private property with livestock operations, where wolves had killed livestock in late April 2011.

ODFW killed the wolf in an effort to reduce livestock depredation in the area. Despite non-lethal methods in place to prevent wolf-livestock conflict, wolves from the Imnaha pack have killed at least four domestic animals this year. The pack was also involved in livestock losses in the same area at about the same time last year.

“This action is not something that we take lightly, but it is consistent with the Wolf Conservation and Management Plan,” said Russ Morgan, ODFW wolf coordinator. “This will reduce the food requirements of the pack and discourage further use of this area [livestock operations on private lands].” 

Efforts to remove a second uncollared wolf from the pack will continue. 

ODFW has also issued a total of 12 “caught in the act” permits to livestock producers in the area of the Imnaha pack. With the permits, the livestock producers may shoot a wolf they “see in the act of biting, wounding or killing livestock.” All of the permit holders are using non-lethal methods to prevent wolf-livestock conflict.

The purpose of these permits is to provide livestock producers with additional tools to protect their property. Morgan noted that the opportunity to use these permits is rare. “Wolves tend to avoid humans, so seeing one in the act is unlikely. None of the livestock producers that have lost animals to wolves so far have seen a wolf actually attacking their livestock,” he said. “However, we want to give ranchers the ability to protect their private property should they see a wolf biting, wounding or killing their livestock.”

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