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Regulating harvest, protection, and enhancement of fish populations

Restoration and Enhancement

Angling License Dollars at Work Improving Oregon’s Fisheries!

What is R & E?

Your Angler License Fees at Work!Restoration and Enhancement: Protecting Oregon's Investment (logo)

Look for this sign to see where your dollars are at work.

The Restoration and Enhancement Program (R&E) is a grant program that provides $2-3,000,000 per year to fishery projects throughout Oregon. The grant program was established June 29, 1989, when the Oregon Fisheries Restoration and Enhancement Act of 1989 was signed into law. The program was reauthorized by the Legislature in 2009, extending its benefits to Oregon citizens and state fish resources through December 2019.

Funding is used to increase recreational fishing opportunities and improve commercial salmon fisheries by

  • Restoring state-owned fish hatcheries,
  • Enhancing natural fish production,
  • Expanding hatchery production, and
  • Providing additional public access to fishing waters.

Quarterly, the 7 member R&E Board meets to review and recommend proposals to the ODFW Commission for funding approval.

The R&E Board consists of seven volunteers from around the state;

  • 3 representatives of the commercial fishing industry,
  • 3 representatives of sports fishing interests, and
  • 1 representative of the public.

To learn more about the R&E Board, including serving on the Board, please visit the R&E Board web page.

Where does the funding come from?

Funding comes from a dedicated surcharge

  • $1-$10 on all Oregon angling licenses,
  • $74 commercial gillnet permit fees,
  • $64 troll permit fees,
  • $0.05 per pound on all commercial salmon and steelhead landings.

Grant awards are proportional to the revenues derived from the surcharges

  • 9% commercial
  • 91% recreational

Grant awards are evenly split between restoration and enhancement projects

  • 50% Restoration
  • 50% Enhancement

Since it was established in 1989, R&E has provided over $46 million to fishery projects throughout Oregon.

Applying for a Grant

Any public entity or private non-profit organization may request funds. Projects must meet the definition of either Enhancement or Restoration.

To request funds complete a grant application describing;

  • Project goals, location, partners, & budget
  • Methods of achievement and  work schedule,
  • Estimate of benefits to recreational and/or commercial fisheries.

The timeframe between the R&E application deadline and the availability of funds for approved projects is approximately six-months.
This review timeframe must be allowed for in the project’s proposed starting date.

Additional information

Who to contact with Questions

Any questions regarding the Restoration and Enhancement Program can be directed to R&E program staff:


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