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Regulating harvest, protection, and enhancement of fish populations

Restoration and Enhancement: Protecting Oregon's Investment (logo)Restoration and Enhancement

The Fisheries Restoration and Enhancement Program is a comprehensive program to restore state-owned hatcheries, enhance natural fish production, expand hatchery production and provide additional public access to fishing waters. The R&E Program provides increased sport fishing opportunities, and also supports and improves the commercial salmon fishery.

The Program was authorized by the Oregon Fisheries and Enhancement Act of 1989 and was renewed in 2009. The program is funded by a $4 surcharge on all sport fishing licenses, and license and landing fees from the commercial gillnetting and troll fisheries.

These surcharges generate almost $5.2 million per biennium, which are used to fund a variety of fish and habitat restoration and enhancement projects. Any public or private non-profit organization may request funds to implement a project. Restoration projects tend to focus on ODFW-sponsored projects to replace fish liberation equipment, repair fish hatcheries, repair fish passage facilities, and collect information on physical and biological characteristics of streams, lakes or estuaries.

The enhancement program focuses on projects to increase fish production (either hatchery or natural production), increase recreational or commercial opportunities or access to the fish resources, or improve fish management capabilities.

Program expenditures between sport and commercial projects are allocated in the same proportion as the revenues received from surcharges. For example, current estimates of recreational fees account for 88% of the revenue generated while the commercial fees generate 12%. Thus, roughly 88% of funded projects provide direct benefits to recreational fisheries and 12% provide direct benefits to commercial fisheries.

Proposed projects are considered and approved by a seven-member citizen advisory board that meets quarterly.

Access Improvement or creation of sites that allow anglers or commercial fishers access to fisheries (e.g., boat ramps, docks, trails).
Propagation Support a) short-term rearing programs for fish harvest, b) rearing programs for rehabilitation of wild fish populations (e.g., conservation propagation, short-term supplementation of depleted populations), and c) updated hatchery practices intended to achieve both conservation and utilization of fish resources (e.g., terminal fisheries, acclimation ponds, broodstock improvement).
Habitat Restoration or enhancement of habitat that directly or rapidly benefits fish by addressing items such as limiting factors, which include fish carcass placement, fish passage, and others.
Research and Monitoring Studies that characterize populations, habitat, or the effectiveness of other projects in order to create, maintain, or enhance fish populations and therefore fishing opportunities.
Education Literature, demonstrations, or displays for fishermen or landowners regarding fish, fishing, or habitat.

The R&E Board also has an interest in supporting Grassroots fishermen organizations such as STEP, creating New Fishing Opportunities, and, in addition to supporting Salmonid Fisheries, supporting Diversified Species Fisheries (including those in saltwater, warm water, and lakes). Projects throughout the state in both urban and rural areas will be considered.

Local Department of Fish and Wildlife district fishery biologists may also be aware of some enhancement opportunities your organization could undertake. You are encouraged to consult with the biologist to ensure your project is consistent with the Department’s management programs for the area.

Maintenance Restore or modify existing fishways, screens, hatcheries, or other structures.
Liberation Maintain or provide equipment for fish liberation.


For R&E program information please contact the R&E program coordinator at (503) 947-6232.



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