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Fighting a tule chinookWe want your action shots!

Got action? ODFW is interested in showcasing photos of your participation in fishing, hunting, crabbing and clamming. Think casting, catching, netting, scoping, tracking, digging--not so much the result as how much fun you have while doing it.

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Submitted Photos

The Year's Selected Photos

April 2022
razor clam catch vermillion rockfish catch
"A proud clammer displaying her catch."
-Photo by Colin Franger"
"A nice vermillion caught near Bandon."
-Photo by Shane Brown-
father, daughters trout fishing
Largemouth Bass
"Fishing with daddy."
Rainbow trout from Timberlinn. -Photo by Maria Torres-
"First fish of 2022! Woohoo!"
Largemouth Bass from Delta Ponds. -Photo by Jeff Klymman-
March 2022
"83 years old and still catching big bows at Prineville Reservoir"
-Photo by Roland Woods-
"Spring break crab harvest in the rain"
Dungeness and red rock crab at Netarts Bay -Photo by Claire Baylor-
"First steelhead ever caught. Hatchery male."
North Fork Alsea River -Photo by Kyle Williams-
"Fun for young and old alike"
Yaquina Bay Greenling -Photo by Joshua Waits"
February 2022
Winter bass at Hagg Lake. -Photo by Wayne Hughes-
"6x6 Roosevelt bull elk"
-Photo by Spencer Hardman-
"My first ever elk hunt"
-Photo by Leta Brown-
"First Chinook"
Chinook Salmon on the Columbia River -Photo by Matthew Kestell-
"First winter bright"
Steelhead on the Clackamas River -Photo by Kayden Hanley-
"My 82 year old Dad still filling up the frying pan!"
Rainbow trout, Pine Hollow Reservoir -Photo by Brad Robins-
Winter Steelhead on the Sandy River
-Photo by Alexei Tchoukanov-
January 2022
"First timer"
Crabbing Netarts Bay -Photo by Toby Oswalt-
"Went spinning for trout and this guy took a bite"
Steelhead, McKenzie River -Photo by Mitchell Young-
Hatchery buck steelhead, Wilson River
"Lauren with her first steelhead ever, caught on a green spinner." Hatchery buck steelhead, Wilson River -Photo by Campbell Keahi Lord- "First steelhead ever!!!"
Upper Rouge River -Photo by Evan Mckinney-
"Lady's got it done"
Coastal steelhead -Photo by Thomas Walton-
"Powers Pond Rainbow"
-Photo by Dan Henthorn-
Little Nestucca steelhead
"Hard days work!"
Lower Rogue River steelhead -Photo by Craig Lassen-
"Personal best 39 inch hatchery steelhead"
Little Nestucca River -Photo by Elliott nelsen-
"Anna river monster"
Rainbow trout -Photo by Mike Banks-
"Amazing winter sturgeon "
Bonneville pool -Photo by Juston Santee-
December 2021
"4x4 Blacktail buck" near Eugene -Photo by Christopher Wayne Hawks-
blacktail buck duck hunting
"Sneaky blacktail buck"
Eugene -Photo by Christopher Wayne Hawks-
"Hunting puddle ducks" -
Sauvie Island -Photo by Michael Gill-
blacktail fawn mule deer bow hunt
"Blacktail fawn"
Eugene -Photo by Christopher Wayne Hawks-
"Bow season"
Mule deer, Grizzly unit -Photo by Keith Winslow-
decoys on the Columbia River Hunting in the Scappoose unit
"Winter duck blind"
D ecoys on the Columbia River -Photo by Thomas Paul Hickman-
Hunting in the Scappoose unit
-Photo by Shan Cupp-
Chetco winter steelhead Coastal coho
"First winter steelhead!"
Chetco River -Photo by Charles Bailey-
"While in search of chinook this bright coho decided to play!"
-Photo by Kevin Foster-
first elk first buck
"Carlie's first elk"
Sixes unit -Photo by Russell Corona-
"First buck" - a b
Blacktail, Sixes unit -Photo by Russell Corona-
November 2021
2021 Mule Deer -Photo by Troy Ferber-
"Success" -Photo by Heather Howell-

"Not bad for my first" -Photo by Tyler Swindle-
"The views are as amazing as the hunt"
Antlerless deer hunt in the Melrose Unit
-Photo by Heather Howell-

"Listen to your wife when she tells you to leave work and go hunt"
-Photo by Marylynn Varner-
October 2021

" Last day of youth doe tag from 130 yards"
-Photo by Hagen Nissen-

"Sandy river Coho Hen"
-Photo by Ted coleman-
"My first deer!"
Columbian Black Tail, Saddle Mt. Unit. -Photo by Ryan Cross-
"Sam caught his first salmon"
Chinook, Columbia River -Photo by Henry Ashbridge-
Western blacktail harvested in the Willamette Unit
-Photo by Wesley Wenzel-
"13 pound coho"
Clackamas River -Photo by Henry Ashbridge-
"They said it was beginners luck once the hunt was over and I was the only one that tagged out."
Sled Springs Unit -Photo by Kristi Woody-
"Fishing practice"
Clackamas River -Photo by Yohko Katayama-
September 2021
Denman Wildlife Area pheasant hunt Sauvie Island Wildlife Area pheasant hunt
"Great day!"
Denman Wildlife Area pheasant hunt.
-Photo by Jasmine Peterson-
"Dozers First hunt of Season"
Sauvie Island pheasant hunt. -Photo by Genevra Smith-
Trillium Lake Three Creeks Lake
Beautiful 17" trout caught off the dock, Trillium Lake
-Photo by Tommy Solomon-
17" tagged rainbow trout caught fly fishing from the shore,
Three Creeks Lake. $50 reward. -Photo by Damon Doyle-
Crabbing Netarts
American White Pelicans
Two limits! Dungeness Crab, Netarts
-Photo by Brent Nordstrom-
Incoming squadron of American White Pelicans, Fernhill Wetlands
-Photo by Roger Williams-
Rainbow trout, Lake of the woods Rainbow trout, Lake of the woods
22" Rainbow with kids, Lake of the Woods
-Photo by Dwayne Gates-
19" and 17" rainbow trout, Lake of the Woods
-Photo by Aaron Gates-
Umpqua smallmouth bass crabbing
Fishing small mouth bass in the Umpqua River
-Photo by Steve Allely-
"Love crabbing with my Mom and Dad and brothers!"
-Photo by Jannie Hornby-
Bear hunt
"Second bear in two years in my favorite honey hole." -Photo by Dennis Nice-
August 2021
Sturgeon fishing
"Last season went out and got my 1 Sturgeon in 15 years" -Photo by Shayna Olson-
Odell Lake, lake trout smallmouth bass, Umpqua River
Odell Lake lake trout.
-Photo by Mike Miles-
Smallmouth Bass, caught on a fly, on the Umpqua River.
-Photo by Frank Armendariz-
July 2021
Turkey hunt Turkey hunt
Tanner's Spring Mentored Youth Tom. -Photo by Rod Bjorvik- Tanner's Mentored Youth fall tom. -Photo by Rod Bjorvik-
sooty grouse sooty grouse
These sooty grouse were seen on July 9, 202 on on the Jack Fire, which is burning east of Glide on the Umpqua National Forest. This particular area saw a low severity burn move through the area several days prior. -Photos by Kyle Reed-
Rainbow trout at North Fork Reservoir
"Happy Fisherman!"
North Fork Reservoir -Photo by Thomas Meyer-
Micah with his first trophy Rainbow trout at North Fork Reservoir.
-Photo by Brian Keechle-
Tiger rockfish out of Brookings
Tiger rockfish out of Brookings. -Photo by Jimbo-
"Big girl released safely,"
Lingcod, Pacific City. -Photo by Mark Lytle-
"First fish on my new boat!"
Smallmout bass, upper Willamette River. -Photo by Andrew Mulkey-
"Tysons first Fishing Trip."
Rainbow trout, Henry Hagg Lake -Photo by Charles Donley -
"15 pound chinook"
Umpqua River -Photo by Kendra Stockton-
June 2021
Rainbow trout, Rock Creek Reservoir
"It's a monster." Rainbow trout, Rock Creek Reservoir. -Photo by Edmund Reynolds-
Rainbow trout, Emigrant Lake Bluegill, Topsy Recreation Area
Rainbow trout, Emigrant Lake.
-Photo by Ezekiel Hill-
"First Fish"
Bluegill, Topsy Recreation Area. -Photo by Zachary Wieting-
Spring Chinook Salmon, North Umpqua River Free Fishing Day
"Worth taking the day off,"
Spring Chinook Salmon, North Umpqua River. -Photo by Jenn Broker-
"Free Fishing Day Smiles"
-Photo by Tom Weiss-
Rio Grande, Sumpter unit Whitefish, Deschutes River
"First Spring Turkey at 8 years old,"
Rio Grande, Sumpter unit -Photo by Christopher Liby-
"Second cast in hole,"
Whitefish, Deschutes River -Photo by Wesley Freadman-
sunrise at Trout Creek Park Trout Fishing at Diamond Lake
"Good morning,"
Sunrise at Trout Creek Park -Photo by Wesley Freadman-
"Trout Fishing at Diamond Lake (in spite of the weather!)"
-Photo by Timothy George-
Rainbow trout, Deschutes River Rainbow trout, Tenmile Lake
"First cast in hole,"
R ainbow trout, Deschutes River
-Photo by Wesley Freadman-
"Always catching bigger fish than her momma,"
Rainbow trout, Tenmile Lake -Photo by Brenda Jackson-
Mountain Goat Greater Sage Grouse
Mountain Goat, 3 Finger Jack -Photo by David Brant- Greater Sage Grouse, Steen Mountains -Photo by David Brant-
Lingcod, Newport Pronghorn antelope
"1st Ling cod," Newport -Photo by Dennis Brown- Pronghorn antelope near Cove. -Photo by Jeffrey Hartmann-
Pronghorn antelope Pronghorn antelope
Pronghorn antelope near Cove. -Photos by Jeffrey Hartmann-
May 2021
Sandhill crane, Sauvie Island
"Skinny legs and all," Sandhill crane, Sauvie Island -Photo by Steven Conner-
Osprey Coyote pup
Osprey with a fish for lunch, EE Wilson Wildife Area
-Photo by Allen Norby-
Coyote pup, Astoria
-Photo by Cayden Weaver-
Waterfowl opener Trophy trout, McNary Ponds
"Waterfowl opener"
-Photo by Garrett Yarbrough-
"A true trophy trout,"
McNary Ponds, Hermiston -Photo by Kenneth Dopps-
Harbor seal Spring bear hunt
Harbor seal mother and pup, Depoe Bay
-Photo by Steven Conner-
"Mom and son spring bear hunt"
-Photo by Garrett Yarbrough-
Deer hunt Deer hunt
"Mom and son deer hunt"
-Photo by Garrett Yarbrough-
"Mom and son deer hunt"
-Photo by Garrett Yarbrough-
Deer hunt Turkey hunt
"Mom and son deer huntt"
-Photo by Garrett Yarbrough-
"Family Turkey hunt"
-Photo by Garrett Yarbrough-
Lake trout," Odell Lake Clamming
"25" lake trout,"
Odell Lake -Photo by Amber Wilmot-
"Ace 3 holds up his clam while brother Samson 7 and father rake in the background. First time clamming!"
-Photo by Leigh Darrah-
Steelhead on the Wilson River Fishing Diamond Lake
"Pure excitement"
Steelhead on the Wilson River -Photo by Trevor Walden-
"Best catch of the day, smile sais it all,"
Diamond Lake -Photo by Mark Newell-
Largemouth bass at Hyatt Lake Largemouth bass at Squaw Lake
"First Largy of the year"
Largemouth bass at Hyatt Lake
-Photo by Michael Wilkerson-
"Googan baits for the win!"
Largemouth bass at Squaw Lake
-Photo by Dylan John-
Perch fishing Fishing Hills Creek Reservoir
"My biggest surf perch I've ever caught"
-Photo by Javier Rivera-
"Hooked on fishing"
Hills Creek Reservoir -Photo by Ronda White-

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