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Fighting a tule chinookWe want your action shots!

Got action? ODFW is interested in showcasing photos of your participation in fishing, hunting, crabbing and clamming. Think casting, catching, netting, scoping, tracking, digging--not so much the result as how much fun you have while doing it.

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Submitted Photos

The Year's Selected Photos

January & February 2023
Unexpected fish species (northern pikeminnow) found in Silverton Reservoir -Photo by Tim Johnson-
"Coho salmon fishing in the beautiful Siletz River"
-Photo by Jim Daglen-

"My first winter steelhead" North Fork Nehalem River
-Photo by Joshua Millard-

Steelhead, Sandy River Rainbow trout
"Second fish of the day" Steelhead, Sandy River
-Photo by Joe Terleski-
"I caught this beauty of a trout out of Junction City pond!"
Rainbow trout. -Photo by Logan Belleque-
December 2022
Osprey Guide Crabbing
-Photo by Tommy Lee-
cutthroat steelhead
Nice sea-run cutthroat from Tenmile Creek.
-Photo by Kristin Maxon-
J├╝rgen West with a fresh winter steelhead, Sandy River.
-Photo by Colton Swifto-
November 2022
"Fishing for coho across from a waterfall, just upstream of Nehalem Hatchery"
-Photo by Kao Saechao-
"Caught my King (Chinook) in less than 1 hr of trying!"
Columbia River, Buoy 10 -Photo by Julie Kasler-
"Nothing beats nice weather than catching our limits" Kokanee,
Detroit Lake -Photo by Damon Franell-
"River chrome"
-Photo by Andrew Steber-
"Success !" Dungeness crab, Coos Bay
-Photo by Wade Campbell-
"Trophy Trout at Walton Lake!"
-Photo by Albert Almeida-
"My wife's first every chum!" Kilches River
-Photo by Josh Christenson-
"Kyle's "Unicorn" Bull" Silvies Unit
-Photo by Robert Harris-
"Chica with her first duck of the season. She retrieved 71 last season!" Coyote Springs -Photo by Aaron Light-
"Proud dad showing his son's first steelhead" Grand Ronde River
-Photo by Mark Van Sickle-
"Family Victory" Dufur
-Photo by Sabrina Kittelson-
"Quince's first hunt" Grizzly Unit
-Photo by Wesley Freadman-
"Another great year of hunting great bucks in the Saddle Mountain Unit."
-Photo by Timothy Smith-
"Fall harvest extended youth hunt" Colton
-Photo by Chad Mathews -
"The big 4 point!" Salem
-Photo by Michael Schiedler-
"Nice catch" Weavers pond, Wallowa
-Photo by Sam Hulse-
Chinook salmon, Umpqua River
-Photo by Ken Haley-
"Elk gather to prepare for crossing Hwy 101" Manzanita
-Photo by David Dillon-
"2 hour creep" Pronghorn, Glass Butte
-Photo by Don wells-
October 2022
First antlerless deer Blacktail deer
"First antlerless deer"
-Photo by Alberto cordero Reyes"
"Monster buck" Blacktail deer, Unit 30
-Photo by Ryan Goins-
Upper Rogue steelhead German Brown Trout
"That's a keeper" Upper Rogue steelhead
-Photo by Terry Pickering-
"German Brown Trout" Deschutes River
-Photo by Brandon Golemo-
Saddle mountain sunset Roosevelt from the Scappose Unit
"Saddle mountain sunset"
-Photo by Duane Nelson-
"Double main beam 6 pt Roosevelt from the Scappose Unit"
-Photo by Devin Brown-
Chinook, Siletz River Smallmouth Bass, Upper Owyhee River
"The wife's first Chinook of the year" Siletz River
-Photo by Josh Christenson-
"Fall fishing at its finest!" Smallmouth Bass, Upper Owyhee River
-Photo by Zach Knapp-
Channel Catfish, Snake River First elk,  Lookout Mountain
"Late night catfishin!" Channel Catfish, Snake River
-Photo by Adam Tolman-
"First hunt, first elk" Lookout Mountain
-Photo by Ean Buck-
Coho, Yaquina River Mule deer hunt
"Linda with 2022 Wild Coho" Yaquina River
-Photo by Richard Fenske-
"Premium 2021" Mule deer hunt
-Photo by David Aikins-
Goose hunt, Juntura Dorado
"Father and son weekend" Juntura
-Photo by Jason Arnold-
"Dorado in Oregon water"
-Photo by Joe Revis-
Chinook salmon, McNary Dam, Columbia River Mule deer hunt, Ukiah
"Catching a Chinook salmon" McNary Dam, Columbia River
-Photo by Timothy Gilman-
"Mule deer hunt" Ukiah
-Photo by Timothy Gilman-
Native coho hen, Trask River Wenaha Unit Mentored Youth Deer Hunt
"Big native coho hen" Trask River
-Photo by Austin Perry-
"First Deer Hunt, 9 Years Old, 1 shot" Wenaha Unit Mentored Youth Deer Hunt -Photo by S. Scott Proctor-
Chinook, Rogue Bay, Gold Beach Chinook, Rogue Bay, Gold Beach
"As big as me!" Rogue Bay, Gold Beach
-Photo by Susan Swartz-
"Beautiful Chrome Chinook" Rogue Bay, Gold Beach
-Photo by Peter Swartz-
September 2022
"10 yrs old scouting mule deer" Big Lookout Mountain -Photo by David Lee Toews-
"First ever salmon!" Coho out of Florence
-Photo by Shani Attrell-
Charleston Harbor native coho
-Photo by Brandon Pearsall-
"A great king (Chinook) run moved up-river brights along the Columbia River beaches." -Photo by Barrett Taylor- "After work success" Ring-necked pheasant, Sauvie Island
-Photo by Kenneth Srofe-
"Back from salmon fishing with the girls" Coho out of Florence
-Photo by Brian Phelps-
"Huge redtail surf perch"
-Photo by Brian Flower-
"Geedee's First Pheasant" Ring-necked pheasant, E.E. Wilson
-Photo by Jeff Grimm-
"Like mother, like daughter!" Coho out of Garibaldi
-Photo by Vince Hawkins-
"16.4 pound steelhead" Deschuttes River
-Photo by Darryl Huff-
"Not necessarily what we were looking for on a sage grouse hunt but we parted ways amicably so all is good." Western rattle snake, Silvies Unit
-Photo by Jeff Price-
"Mom catching big rainbow before the ice forms on Malheur Reservoir."
-Photo by John Hidaka-
"Sunrise with a PR Chinook" Hood River
-Photo by Bill Monroe Jr.-
Pronghon antelope
-Photo by Robert a Barrett-
"Lady Luck" Columbia River Chinook
-Photo by Paul Wiseman-
"Biggest coho of the day!" Coos Bay
-Photo by Aaron Speakman-
"30 lb Group Effort" Columbia River Chinook
-Photo by Joe Barragan-
August 2022
Black rockfish, 5 lbs 11oz
-Photo by Dennis Rupp-
Depoe Bay Chinook Small mouth bass
"Let's Go!!!!!" Depoe Bay Chinook
-Photo by John Harrison-
Small mouth bass
-Photo by Hector DIaz-
Blacktail buck
"Brothers worked together to get this one in the boat." Odell Lake lake trout.
-Photo by Jeremy Evers-
Blacktail buck, Mt. Hood
-Photo by Joe Werner-
Siletz River Chinook Blacktail buck
"First salmon ever by myself" Siletz River Chinook
-Photo by Alroy Zacarias -
Blacktail buck, Mt. Hood
-Photo by Joe Werner-
Blacktail buck Fishing the McKenzie River
Blacktail buck, Mt. Hood
-Photo by Joe Werner-
"Hot Day Good Fishing" McKenzie River near Leaburg Reservoir
-Photo by Steven Raute-
July 2022
Alsea Bay dungeness crab
"Crabbing fun!" Alsea Bay dungeness crab
-Photo by Marmie Rathaus-
Columbia River steelhead Willamette River spring Chinook
"My first steelie!" Columbia River steelhead
-Photo by Greg Randolph-
"Mother / Daughter weekend springers" Willamette River spring Chinook
-Photo by Eric Ashenbrenner-
Seaside razor clam
Leaburg Dam rainbow trout
"Worth the wait" Seaside razor clam
-Photo by Lynda Tang-
"First rainbow trout" Leaburg Dam
-Photo by Mike Donnelly-
Owyhee Reservoir large mouth bass
Razor clam, Ft. Stevens
"Biggest bass of my life" Owyhee Reservoir large mouth bass
-Photo by Steven Runyon-
"Another big one today!" Ft. Stevens razor clam
-Photo by Melina Sapp-
Paulina Lake brown trout Winchester Bay coho
"Catch and Release" Paulina Lake brown trout
-Photo by Lonnie Stenberg-
"First coho of the year" Winchester Bay
-Photo by Dustin Iverson-
June 2022
Willamette River spring Chinook
"First springer ever" Willamette River spring Chinook
-Photo by Gavin Hurst-
Alsea River fall Chinook North Santiam spring Chinook
"There was almost no stoping this one, right lines to say the least!"
Alsea River fall Chinook -Photo by Rosie Ramos-
"Always a great day when salmon are in the rivers!"
North Santiam spring Chinook -Photo by Rosie Ramos-
Columbia River Chinook Snake River channel catfish
"A good day!" Columbia River Chinook
-Photo by Mark Piano-
"A great afternoon of catfishing!" Snake River channel catfish
-Photo by Mike Miles-
Columbia River Chinook North Umpqua Spring chinook
"Fishin with my boys" Columbia River Chinook
-Photo by Daniel Tingen-
"I love springer season!!" Spring Chinook, North Umpqua River
-Photo by Jenn Yarbrough-
E. E. Wilson rainbow trout Detroit Lake rainbow trout
"1st catch of the day" Rainbow trout, E. E. Wilson Wildlife Area
-Photo by Chad Powell-
"15 inch fish caught mid morning" Rainbow trout, Detroit Lake
-Photo by Guy Rupe-
May 2022
Willamette River Chinook
Rogue River Chinook
"First salmon" Willamette River Chinook
-Photo by Daniel Tingen-
"North Carolina girl hooks the Chinook!" Rogue River
-Photo by Joann Kimball-
First razor clam
Columbia River Chinook
"A lifetime of waiting: In 1981, at 10 yrs old, I took my 1st trip to Oregon. Seeing the Ocean, I observed clamming practices and vowed to return and learn someday. Today was the day! My 1st clam!"
-Photo by Nikki Lund-
"Kevin's has not salmon fished in 44yrs, what a catch!"
Columbia River Chinook.
-Photo by Zach Gallinger-
Rainbow trout, Lofton Reservoir
Large Mouth Bass, Cheadle Lake
"Hooked and landed her first fish" Rainbow trout, Lofton Reservoir
-Photo by Sean Beeks-
"Monster Bass" Large Mouth Bass, Cheadle Lake
-Photo by Tammy Dustin-
Halibut caught near Newport
Columbia River Chinook
"First Halibut on new boat"
-Photo by Carlos Velez-
"Nice fish" Columbia River Chinook
-Photo by Rich Robinson-
Columbia River Chinook
Columbia River Chinook
"A gorgeous Spring Chinook caught plunking the Columbia River near Rainier" -Photo by Kobi Traylor Thompson-
"My first springer" Columbia River Spring Chinook
-Photo by Jason Kent-
Rainbow trout at Fish Lake Lower Willamette River Spring Chinook
"Finished family fishing fun at Fish Lake"
Rainbow trout
-Michael J Morgan-
"An excellent day on the water with the kids first springer! "
Lower Willamette River Spring Chinook
-Photo by Ken Guptil-
Columbia River Spring Chinook
Rainbow trout from Pine Nursery Park in Bend
"My 1st ever Springer! "
Columbia River Spring Chinook
-Photo by Colby Kesch-
"After a 30 minute fight on a 5/6wt. fly rod, size 16 black zebra midge, this beauty was released to fight another day. What an amazing experience!" Rainbow trout from Pine Nursery Park in Bend
-Photo by Michael Belcher-
Rogue River trout Hunters first catch, Tom turkey
"Keeping it reel" Rogue River trout
-Photo by Nichole Oxford-
"Hunters first catch, at 26" Tom turkey
-Photo by Daphne McBride-
April 2022
Razor clam catch vermillion rockfish catch
"A proud clammer displaying her catch."
-Photo by Colin Franger-
"A nice vermillion caught near Bandon."
-Photo by Shane Brown-
Timberlinn trout fishing
Largemouth Bass
"Fishing with daddy." Rainbow trout from Timberlinn.
-Photo by Maria Torres-
"First fish of 2022! Woohoo!" Largemouth Bass from Delta Ponds.
-Photo by Jeff Klymman-
March 2022
Rainbow trout, Prineville Reservoir Dungeness and red rock crab at Netarts Bay
"83 years old and still catching big bows at Prineville Reservoir"
-Photo by Roland Woods-
"Spring break crab harvest in the rain" Dungeness and red rock crab at Netarts Bay -Photo by Claire Baylor-
North Fork Alsea River steelhead Yaquina Bay Greenling
"First steelhead ever caught. Hatchery male." North Fork Alsea River
-Photo by Kyle Williams-
"Fun for young and old alike" Yaquina Bay Greenling
-Photo by Joshua Waits"

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