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Fighting a tule chinookWe want your action shots!

Got action? ODFW is interested in showcasing photos of your participation in fishing, hunting, crabbing and clamming. Think casting, catching, netting, scoping, tracking, digging--not so much the result as how much fun you have while doing it.

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Submitted Photos

This Year's Selected Photos

April 2020
Clamming at Garibaldi docks Crabbing in Charleston
"Clamming at Garibaldi docks." -Photo by MPacat- "Two nice keepers!" Crabbing in Charleston. -Photo by Steve McIntyre-
Rainbow trout, Applegate Lake Salmon fishing, Columbia River
"Best catch of the day!" Rainbow trout, Applegate Lake.
-Photo by Dylan John-
"Triple threat! Dad & daughters." Salmon fishing, Columbia River.
-Photo by Joleen Wampler-Kendall-
Barred owl Rough-legged Hawk
"Barred owl doing some sunrise hunting in my backyard scoping out squirrels in the yard next door." -Photo by Evan LeAir- Rough-legged Hawk, Powell Butte. -Photo by Chuck Gates-
Gadwall Drake Gray Partridge, Enterprise
Gadwall Drake, Prineville. -Photo by Chuck Gates- Gray Partridge, Enterprise. -Photo by Chuck Gates-
March 2020
"Beautiful bright chinook salmon caught with brads cut plug on the Columbia River. Only bite of the day for us but a sweet fish! Way to go Carter!"
-Photo by James Braden-
Sauvie Island channel catfish.
-Photo by John Kammerzelt-
Crabbing 2020 in Newport. -Photo by Tommy Lee- Excellent catfishing on the John Day River. -Photo by Marcus Lewis-
Smallmouth bass
Bass fishing
Smallmouth bass
-Photo by Ezekiel Hill-
Bass fishing, Emigrant Reservoir
-Photo by Ezekiel Hill-
young girl with big trout
"Big trout, little fisherman." Klamath Lake
-Photo by Debra Hunter-
"If you don’t go you don’t know." Winter steelhead, Alsea River.
-Photo by Jay Torland-
"Flying with egg patterns in the winter." Redside rainbow trout.
-Photo by Colton Macgillivray-
"Soooo fun!!!" Copper rock fish, South Jetty, Newport.
-Photo by Jason Lowe-
January and February 2021
Crabbing in Newport
Steelhead on the Rogue
Great time with the grandkids. Crabbing in Newport.
-Photo by Patrick Edwards-
11th Birthday done right! Steelhead on the Rogue River.
-Photo by Bob Farris-
December 2020
dungeness crab Brood trout
Tasty Oregon dungeness, Yaquina Bay Newport
-Photo by Brad Arnsmeier-
Great brood trout caught on a fly at Timber Linn.
-Photo by Melissa Borges-
duck hunting
A good start to the week for Max.
-Photo by Wesley Freadman-
spaniel with duck duck hunters
The end of a good week for Max. Public land pheasant.
-Photo by Wesley Freadman-
A great start to Thanksgiving break.
-Photo by Matt Langer-
tree in snow hunter's cabin
I wonder how many winters this tree has seen?
-Photo by Wesley Freadman-
Teddy's smile says it all.
-Photo by Matt Langer-
Ominous day in Vetran Park turkey hunters
Ominous day in Vetran Park
-Photo by Wayne Wambolt-
First turkey in a family of hunters!
-Photo by G.W. Hartley-
November 2020
"Pre-COVID Brood Stock Catch and Release"
Rainbow Trout, Ochoco Reservoir
-Photo by David Isom-
"Doubles" Fall Chinook Salmon, Pacific City
-Photo by Chris J.-
Josh and his buck, taken on an A&H hunt in the Siuslaw WMU
-Photo by Jason Davies-
"Roughly 8", just before it wiggled right back into the water"
Channel Catfish, Woodburn Pond
-Photo by Brianna Cantrell-
"One a piece. Now they don't have to argue over who gets to pluck."
Chuckar hunt on the John Day River
-Photo by Marshall Cook-
October 2020
Snake River Steelhead
"Its a screamer. 33 inch Steelie" -Photo by Juan Hernandez-
Large mouth bass
"My PB largemouth bass so far" Kristin Maxon at Strudevant Park, Coquille
-Photo by David Tootell-
Roger Matthews and his 2020 Lakeview pronghorn antelope.
-Photo by Robert Barrett-
Grand Ronde Coho Black rockfish
"My first Grande Ronde River Coho"
-Photo by Christopher Brown-
"Perfect day at the coast!" A black rockfish out of Boiler Bay.
- Photo by Trishah Erb-
Lingcod Bass fishing at Coffinberry Lake
Dean Korn, Army veteran and a life-long avid angler, with his lingcod.
-Photo by Michelina Engel-
"Big bass" Coffinberry lake
-Photo by Mitchell McQueen
Steelhead 6x9 buck
"Chromer" A nice steelhead on the Deschuttes. -Photo by Jay M Torland- First buck... 6x9 non typical buck. -Photo by Bryce Tirrill-
September 2020
Chinook Her first fish
Bob Lum taking advantage of recent reopening of the Columbia for Chinook salmon -Photo by Thomas Lum- Her first fish!
-Photo by Garrett Ouellette-
Anna River wiper bass Fourmile Lake rainbow trout
"My First Ever Wiper Bass" Ana River Hybrid White Striper Bass
-Photo by David Jacbson-
"19 inch Rainbow Trout" Steven Gould at Fourmile Lake
-Photo by Elizabeth Kirwan
Columbia River fall chinook Nehalem Bay halibut
"Columbia Nook" Fall chinook, Davis Bar, on the Columbia River.
-Photo by Josh Scott-
'Awesome Halibut catch with my son!" Pictured are Magnus & Stefan Long. -Photo by Quoc Nguyen-
August 2020
A nice lingcod out of Charleston
-Photo by Dorleen Flock-
Jasmyne's First Bass, Umpqua River
-Photo by Jason Potter-
Kai's personal best, a lingcod out of Depot Bay
-Photo by Josh Carnahan-
Fall chinook caught on the lower Columbia River trolling a whole anchovy behind a triangle flasher. -Photo by David Roslov-
Excited to eat! Dungeness Crab out of Winchester Bay.
-Photo by Wendy Synan-

An early morning run on an empty beach - razor clam limit on a Siuslaw area beach. -Photo by Roger Emigh- A Wilson's snipe coming in for a landing, Hatfield Lakes, Bend.
-Photo by Tyler Flint-

Mountain goats in the Mt. Jefferson Wilderness Rainbow trout from Detroit Lake
Mountain goat family in the Mt. Jefferson Wilderness
-Kearstin Aldrich-
First fish of the trip, a rainbow trout from Detroit Lake
-Photo by Danny Stonedahl-
Proud dad with daughter 2nd morning of season on a youth cow hunt
-Photo by Marylynn Varner-
First Ling!
-Photo by Brandon Gomez-
June/July 2020
-Photo by Kevin Cozad-
Biggest catch for the night, dungeness crab from Alsea Bay
-Photo by Sophan Real-
Harl Butte Wallowa Mountains
Timmy helpling his little brother Charlie on his youth bear hunt
-Photo by Wesley Freadman-
No bears on a youth bear hunt but you can't beat the view of the Wallowa Mountains -Photo by Wesley Freadman-
smallmouth bass smallmouth bass
Timmy's last outdoor adventure before leaving for the US Army, smallmouth bas on the Umpqua River -Photo by Wesley Freadman- Big Sister showing her little Brother how it's done!
Smallmouth bas on the Umpqua River -Photo by Wesley Freadman-
April / May 2020
Dungeness crab
Katie’s Keepers!
-Photo by Kevin Gassner-
Wyatt Sebright's 2019 Silvies Premium Antelope
-Photo by Wyatt Sebright-
Marshall Fettig lands his first springer of the year, March 9, 2020
-Photo by Marshall Fettig-
2020 Youth Turkey - Gunner Stocked to 12 yards
-Photo by Michael Rogers-
Monster dungeness crab!
-Photo by Jeff Smith-
1st Elk - Hunting with family & friends
-Photo by Dan Peterson-
clamming steelhead
Early morning clammers
-Photo by Larry Veltmani-
Danny’s first steelhead
-Photo by Danny Davoodi-

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