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Departmental Information

ODFW's Agency Policies

Administrative Services Policies (pdfs)
ASD_210_PO Asset Management Policy
ASD_211_PO Real Property Management
ASD_220_PO SPOTS Purchase Card Program Policy
ASD_220_01PR SPOTS Purchase Card Program Procedure
ASD_221_PO ODFW Travel Program
ASD_231_PO Contract Administration
ASD_245_PO Timekeeping
ASD_246_PO Salary Advance
ASD_246_01PR Salary Advance Procedure
ASD_250_PO Public Records Management
ASD_250_01 Contracting and Purchasing Signature Authority
ASD_261_PO Agency Conference Rooms – External Use
ASD_260_PO Access Badges and Physical Key(s)
ASD_271_PO Cost Allocation Policy
Director's Office Policies (pdfs)
DO_100_01 Communication with Local Government
DO_100_02 Policy on Scientific Publications
DO_100_03 Public Records Requests
DO_100_04 Tribal Government Relations
DO_100_05 Internal Audit
HR Policies
Please Note: The appointing authority referenced in the policies below refers to the ODFW HR Administrator (currently Roxie Burns). These policies include Department of Administrative Services (DAS) policies and agency specific policies.
DAS 10-000-01 Definitions
410: Expectation of Employees
410_01 Department Mission and Principles (updated 6-15-14)
410_02 Code of Conduct (updated 7-1-19)
420: Employee Compensation
DAS 20-005-05 Merit Pay System
DAS 20-005-10 Pay Practices, Includes Pay Differentials
420_04 Fair Labor Standards Act
420_05 Employee Relocation Allowance
420_06 New Employee Relocation Allowance
420_07 State-Owned Rental Housing
430: Position Classification and Management
DAS 30-000-01 Position Management
430_02 Position Management, Reclassification and Establishment
DAS 30-005-01 Effect of Position Classification Change on Incumbent
DAS 30-010-01 Span of Control
440: Filling Positions
OAR 105-040-0001 Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action
DAS 40-010-02 Recruitment and Selection
DAS 40-065-01 Trial Service Period
DAS 40-055-01 Appointment to the Unclassified Executive Service
DAS 40-025-01

Temporary Appointments

Please note: Forms PD 412 and PD 412A referred to in the CHRO Policy 40.025.01, Temporary Appointments are ODFW Attachment A and B respectively as shown in the links below.


DAS 40-090-01

Employment of Returning Retirees

DAS 40-045-01 Transfers
440_12 Recruitment and Selection Records Retention
440_13 School-to-Work Policy
DAS 40-055-03 Veterans’ Preference in Employment
450: Human Resources Management
DAS 50-010-03 Maintaining a Professional Workplace
450_02 Drug- and Alcohol-Free Workplace
450_03 Smoke-Free Workplace
DAS 50-010-02 Violence-Free Workplace
450_05 Performance Management
450_06 Telework (Telecommuting)
450_07 Management Service Layoff/Removal
DAS 50.030.01 Restoration of Management Service Employees
450_09 Reserved for future policy
DAS 50-010-01 Discrimination and Harassment Free Workplace
DAS 50-010-04 Workplace Effects of Domestic Violence, Harassment, Sexual Assault and Stalking
450_12 Recognition and Awards
450_13 Job Rotation
450_14 Family Relationships
450_15 Support of Employee's Work and Family
450_16 Americans with Disabilities Act Compliance and Reasonable Accommodation
450_17 Driving Record and Criminal History Check (updated 7-1-19)
450_18 Maintenance of and Access to Employee Records
450_19 Employee Training and Career Development
450_20 Uniforms and Professional Appearance (updated 1-15-15)
450_21 Employment References
450_22 Use of Firearms
450_23 Program Accessibility for People with Disabilities
450_24 Unclassified Executive Service Employment and Termination
450_25 Pets and Other Animals/Livestock
DAS 50-090-01 Managing Improper Governmental Conduct
460: Employee Leave
DAS 60.000.01 Sick Leave with Pay
DAS 60-000-05 Vacation Leave
DAS 60-000-10 Special Leaves With Pay
DAS 60-000-15 Family and Medical Leave
DAS 60-000-20 Alternative Leave Provisions
DAS 60-000-11 Leaves Without Pay
DAS 60-010-01 Holiday Leave with Pay
DAS 60-015-01 Temporary Interruption of Employment

Please note: The Director or authorized designee for facilities operating on a 24-hour basis (e.g., hatcheries, wildlife areas) decides who needs to report to work. Employees uncertain of their need to report to work should contact their supervisor for instructions. Hatchery personnel who live on-site are considered essential personnel and required to report to work in the event of curtailment or closure unless directed otherwise by agency management.


DAS 60-020-05 Military Donated Leave
DAS 60-000-25 Military Leave
DAS 60-000-12 Statutorily Required Leave with and without Pay (pdf)
DAS 60-025-01 Donated Leave
DAS 60-000-03 Expression of Milk and Unpaid Rest Periods
470: Discipline, Termination and Grievance
DAS 70.000.02 Management Service Discipline and Dismissal
470_02 Reserved for future policy
DAS 70.000.10 Management Service Grievance and Appeal
480: Safety Management
480_01 Safe Employment/Workplace
480_02 Safety Committees
480_03 Emergency Response Plans
480_04 Field and Production Work Safety Guidelines
480_05 Accident Analysis and Reporting
480_06 Management of Injured Workers
DAS 105-050-0003 Alcohol and Controlled Substance Testing of Employees Having Commercial Drivers License
480_08 Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Control
480_09 Confined Space Entry
480_10 Control of Hazardous Energy-Lockout/Tagout



480_12 Formalin Handling
480_13 Hazard Communication Program
480_14 Powered Industrial Trucks
480_15 Respiratory Protection Program
480_16 Responding to a Hazardous Material Release
480_17 Reinstatement and Reemployment of Injured Workers
480_18 Employee Health and Wellness

ISD Policies (pdfs)
ISD_610_01 Acceptable Use of Information Systems
ISD_610_02 Bring Your Own Device
ISD_610_03 Mobile Communication Devices
ISD_610_04 Information Technology Lifecycle
ISD_620_01 Information Asset Classification
ISD_620_02 Transporting Agency Assets
ISD_630_01 Security of Information Systems
ISD_630_02 Portable Data Storage
ISD_640_01 Cloud Computing
MRD Policies (pdfs)
MRD_710_09_001 Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS)
MRD_710_09_002 Use and Storage of Data Collected by Unmanned Aircraft Systems
Volunteer Policies (pdfs)
VP_01 Volunteer Code of Conduct
DAS_50-010-03 Maintaining a Professional Workplace
VP_03 Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace
VP_04 Smoke Free Workplace
DAS_50-010-02 Violence Free Workplace
VP_06 Volunteer Accident Reporting
VP_07 Uniforms and Professional Appearance
VP_08 Access to Criminal Background and Driving Records Checks
VP_10 Purchasing Food for Volunteers
450_17  Driving Record and Criminal History Check (updated 7-1-19)
VP_12 Working with Underage Volunteers
VP_13 Volunteer Rewards and Recognition
VP_14 Service at the Discretion of the Organization
VP_15 Driving State Vehicles
VP_16 Volunteer Assigned Property
VP_18 Volunteer Host Housing
VP_19 Volunteer Records and Forms
VP_20 Volunteer Host Length of Stay

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