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Miller Lake Lamprey Conservation Plan (Complete)

The Miller Lake Lamprey was believed extinct after a chemical treatment in 1958, targeting lamprey and tui chub, extirpated both from Miller Lake. The lamprey population was later recognized to be a distinct species, Lampetra minima (Bond and Kan 1973). It was the smallest lamprey species in the world (maturing at less than 4 in), and at that time was known only from Miller Lake, where it was extinct. In 1992, a small lamprey caught in the Upper Williamson River was identified as a Miller Lake Lamprey, and subsequent investigations have identified six local populations of this lamprey in two small subdrainages of the Upper Klamath Basin.

The Miller Lake Lamprey Conservation Plan is intended to provide guidance for management actions and conservation of Miller Lake Lamprey. This conservation plan is made up of two components; the Oregon Administrative Rule (OAR) component, and the implementation strategy component. The OAR component is made up of the OAR adopted by the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission. This component provides policy direction for conservation and management of Miller Lake lamprey and is considered law. The implementation strategy component of the Miller Lake Lamprey Conservation Plan provides guidance to Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) staff on implementation of management strategies for Miller Lake lamprey. This implementation strategy portion of the conservation plan is not considered law.

Management strategies to preserve this species include: conserving appropriate habitat conditions and availability within the natural range of the Miller Lake Lamprey, addressing potential impacts from stocking streams with hatchery fish, reducing entrainment, and establishing connectivity within and between local populations.

Contact: Roger Smith, 541-883-5732, Roger.C.Smith@state.or.us

Final Plan: Miller Lake Lamprey Conservation Plan (Final) (pdf)

Approved by Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission: June 10, 2005

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