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Post-Treatment Monitoring

bald eagle
eagle feeding platform
Eagle feeding platform

Bald Eagles

2006 Monitoring

In 2006, two bald eagle nests were monitored pre-treatment, and in August, two floating platforms were installed in the lake, one in the north end and one in the south end. To prepare for a fishless Diamond Lake, fish carcasses were placed on the platforms to train the eagles to feed there rather than relocate to find food.

When pre-treatment monitoring began in April 2006, two nests were observed. One nest continued to be active through June and one nest failed. The active nest was monitored a total of 16 hours to determine whether feeding of young was happening.

During the second visit, it appeared the nest failed. Failure may have been due to a high level of tourist activity on the beach immediately below the nest or beach exposed due to the lower lake level. However, if this was the case, it was not directly connected to any activities by the restoration team.

Each floating platform was observed for four hours after fresh fish were set out every other day. Seagulls were seen using the platform, but eagles were only observed taking fish on one occasion in mid-August. This was to be expected since fish were still readily available in the lake.

2007 Monitoring

Fresh fish were placed on the platforms twice a week from May – Aug.  2007. No eagles were observed using the platforms, however they were seen feeding from the lake and taking rainbow trout from osprey. The platforms were pulled in Sept. 2007 and will not be used again at Diamond Lake.

Bald eagle nest monitoring for 2007 began in May. This type of monitoring will occur yearly. The following information is compiled from observations by wildlife biologists with ODFW and the Umpqua National Forest.

North end of Diamond Lake – Rocky Point

May 10, 2007 – Saw one immature and two adult bald eagles near the Lodge. All birds were active and foraging. No signs of activity near the nests.

May 25, 2007 – Observed the lake for activity near the nest sites with Frank Isaacs, the eagle coordinator for Oregon. No activity evident. Walked into the Rocky Point nest and no activity or signs of housekeeping were observed. It appears the top has been blown out of the nesting tree.

July 20, 2007 – Observed two young in the nest that were testing and flapping their wings. One adult flew overhead and perched for a short time before leaving.

Aug. 14, 2007 – Again, two young were observed in the nest. Could hear the adults calling but they did not show up on the nest.

Aug. 21, 2007 – Two young appeared to have fledged in the last week. One perched on a limb above nest, the other on the edge of the nest.

South end of Diamond Lake – Silent Creek

May 21, 2007 – No eagles observed. Walked in to the nest site; appears the nest has been abandoned. There are no signs of housekeeping or activity.

July 20, 2007 – No eagles observed. It appears as though the nest has been abandoned although there are signs of some housekeeping/repair with new twigs and moss.

Aug. 21, 2007 – No eagles observed.

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