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Commercial and recreational marine fisheries

Commercial Shellfishing

ODA shellfish toxin closures

Commercial Shellfish Harvest Permit

This permit covers intertidal commercial harvest for:

  • Razor clams
  • Bay clams (non-dive)
  • Mussels
  • Bait shrimp (mud and ghost)
  • Other miscellaneous intertidal animals

This permit must be obtained at Marine Resource Program offices located in Astoria, Newport and Charleston. For any species besides bay clams, razor clams, mussels, or mud or ghost shrimp, further approval from ODFW shellfish biologists will be required before the permit can be issued.

An ODFW commercial individual or bait fishing license is required in addition to this permit. Additional license requirements for animals harvested for human consumption are available through Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA) at 503-986-4720.

This permit requires a commercial shellfish logbook that will be issued with the permit. This must be filled out prior to leaving the harvest area. These pages must be submitted to ODFW within 10 days following the month of harvest, with only one month recorded per page. Failure to turn in pages will disqualify the harvester for renewal of their permit.

Non-dive bay clams

There are season, area and size restrictions in place for this fishery so be sure to read the Oregon commercial fishing regulations for a full listing. There is also an annual landing cap of 22,000 and 90,000 pounds of cockles taken from Netarts Bay and Tillamook Bay respectively. Harvesting of native littleneck clams (Leukoma staminea) is not allowed.

In 2019, Senate Bill 1025 directed ODFW to form a Tillamook Bay Clam Advisory Committee (TBCAC) that would consider issues and make recommendations pertaining to bay clam management. The ODFW Shellfish Program facilitates TBCAC meetings and helps the Committee identify and articulate recommendations the Department will consider for the management of commercial and recreational bay clam fisheries. To learn more about the committee, visit the Tillamook Bay Calm Advisory Committee page.

Industry Notices:

April 15, 2022 Changes to state regulations governing the Oregon intertidal bay clam fishery


In addition to areas listed as closed to harvest of mussels in the Oregon commercial fishing regulations, all offshore rocks are closed to commercial harvest of mussels. Mussels can not be removed down to the bare rock; one layer of mussels must be left on the rocks. Commercial harvest from any State Park in Oregon requires a permit issued by Oregon Parks and Recreation Department (OAR 736-021-0090).

Bait shrimp (mud and ghost)

There are two bait shrimp zone closures in Alsea Bay. One is a recreational harvest only zone and the other has time restrictions of when commercial harvest may occur.

Razor clams

The razor clam commercial fishery dates to the late 1800s and traditionally accounted for a high percentage of the total catch of razor clams. Today, commercial activity accounts for an estimated 20 percent of the total razor clam harvest; the remaining harvest is recreational. Razor clam commercial harvest is nearly exclusive to Clatsop beach, which is the only area certified by the Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA) to sell for human consumption that has harvestable numbers of razor clams. Markets for commercial razor clams are mostly local human consumption sales, but also include bait markets.

Things to be aware of:

  • Logbook requirement
  • Gear restrictions
  • Area restrictions
  • Handling requirements
  • Seasonal restrictions
  • Toxin closures

For more information about the regulations, visit:

Oregon commercial fisheries regulations synopsis
Oregon Administrative Rules (OARS)

For inquiries about crab other than Dungeness For all other intertidal animal species

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