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The Oregon Hatchery Research Center for Scientists


Research at OHRC

The Oregon Hatchery Research Center hosts and supports both strategic and operational research.

  • Strategic research addresses the mechanisms that lead to differences between hatchery and wild fish, or the ways in which such differences could be managed.

Operational research addresses ways to advance fish culture techniques.

OHRC Research Plan (pdf)

Publications by OHRC researchers


The center has residential dormitory space for visiting researchers, and access to both wet and dry lab facilities with controlled environmental conditions. The center also has an extensive range of outdoor holding tanks with ambient conditions, a fish ladder with controlled passage to the upper basin of Fall Creek, and four large, replicate stream channels. The stream channels have video coverage and are equipped with PIT tag arrays to monitor in-stream movement. The layout of the streams can be modified to suit a particular research project.

Other benefits of conducting research at OHRC include access to a wide range of fisheries professionals with expertise in ecology, physiology, behavior, fish culture and genetics. Staff at OHRC, OSU and ODFW will be glad to assist you in developing proposals that meet the center’s research objectives.

For more information about conducting research at OHRC, contact Dr. Marc Johnson, acting OHRC Director, at


OHRC Request for Proposals 2021-23 (pdf)

OHRC Request for Proposals 2021-23

The Oregon Hatchery Research Center is now accepting proposals for research to address one or more of the following priority research concepts:

Understanding and adapting hatchery practices to improve performance and lessen risk

  1. How might rearing and release strategies for hatchery salmonids be adapted to meet program objectives amid climate change?
  2. How might hatchery salmonids affect the genetic and demographic characteristics of wild populations?
  3. Which traits are under selection in salmonid hatcheries, and how might fish culture techniques be modified to ameliorate selection?
  4. Can hatchery practices be modified to emulate natural mate choice and improve fitness?

Improving and communicating fisheries science and management

  1. Do strategies intended to manage differences between hatchery and wild salmonids optimally satisfy management objectives?
  2. What drives public perceptions of salmonid hatcheries, and how might outreach and education be effectively engaged?
  3. Can genomic approaches improve our understanding of risk from hatchery-induced genetic change in cultured salmonids?

How to prepare?

 Research proposals should be prepared in the following format:

  • A brief, not more than three (3) page study description, indicating research concept(s) and question(s) to be addressed, experimental design, study area, species, analytical methods, expected results and products
  • Up to one (1) page documentation of consultation with a hatchery manager on study design and value of the research for improved hatchery practices to meet management objectives
  • One (1) page communication plan for disseminating results to different audiences, including the OHRC Board
  • One (1) page study timeline, indicating expected delivery times for research and communication products (i.e. preliminary results, reports, etc.). For projects that require evaluation of progeny returns or multiple generations, indicate the extended timeline and work that would be needed to complete the research.
  • One (1) page budget proposal
  • Curriculum vitae of Principal Investigator(s)

Successful proposals will employ a collaborative and multidisciplinary approach with promise to deliver actionable science for ODFW hatchery and fisheries management. 

Awards will be based on project merit, including alignment with the OHRC mission, promise to deliver timely and actionable science for ODFW hatchery management, demonstration of a collaborative and interdisciplinary approach, and budget viability.

The OHRC plans to support multiple research projects, with estimated total support of $400,000 offered through this RFP and award period (see below).  Applicants are encouraged to indicate cost sharing or match funding in their budget proposals.

Project proposals must be submitted as PDF, Word, or similar word processor files.

When to submit?

 Research proposals must be received by midnight of October 31st, 2021 (PST)

Award period to begin on or after January 31, 2022; period ends June 30, 2023, with possibility of extension and additional funding, pending approval. 

How to submit

 Please submit your research proposal to the OHRC Interim Director by email at: , using subject line "OHRC Research Proposal"




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