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Upland Game Bird Art Contest

2021 Contest Results - Spruce Grouse

  The Winner

Spruce Grouse
#1 Spruce Grouse
by Buck Spencer
#1 People's Choice

  Runners Up

Spruce Grouse
#2 Spruce Grouse
by Guy Crittenden
Spruce Grouse
#3 Spruce Grouse
by Greg Fritz
#3 (tie) People's Choice


Spruce Grouse
#2 People's Choice
Spruce Grouse
by Debra Otterstein
Spruce Grouse
Spruce Grouse
by Janette Stiles
#3 (tie) People's Choice
Spruce Grouse
Spruce Grouse
by Jonathan Todd Robinson
Spruce Grouse
Spruce Grouse
by Amanda Whitens
Spruce Grouse
Spruce Grouse
by John P. Conner

Art by Past Winners

2020 WINNER-Sage-Grouse 2019 WINNER-Ruffed Grouse 2018 WINNER-Blue Grouse
Spruce Grouse Ruffed Grouse Blue Grouse
by John Conner
Click to see all 2020 entries
by Kip Richmond
Click to see all 2019 entries
by Rod Frederick
Click to see all 2018 entries
2017 WINNER-Ring-Necked Pheasant 2016 WINNER-California Quail 2015 WINNER-Gray (Hungarian) Partridge
Ring-Necked Pheasant California Quail Gray (Hungarian) Partridge
by Mickey Schilling
Click to see all 2017 entries
by Kip Richmond
Click to see all 2016 entries
by Shari Erickson
Click to see all 2015 entries
2014 WINNER-Mountain Quail 2013 WINNER-Chukar 2012 WINNER-Sharp-tailed Grouse
Mountain Quail Sharp-tailed Grouse Sharp-tailed Grouse
by Kip Richmond
Click to see all 2014 entries
by Sara Stack
Click to see all 2013 entries
by Jeffrey Klinefelter
Click to see all 2012 entries
2011 WINNER-Spruce Grouse 2010 WINNER-Sage-Grouse 2009 WINNER-Ruffed Grouse
winner winner winner
by Jon Ren by Jon Ren by Kreig Jacque
2008 WINNER -Blue Grouse 2007 WINNER -Ring-necked pheasant 2006 WINNER - California Quail
by Jeffrey Klinefelter by Kreig Jacque by Eleazar Saenz
2005 WINNER - Hungarian Partridge 2004 WINNER - Mountain Quail 2003 WINNER - Chukar
by Jeffrey Klinefelter by George Lockwood by George Lockwood
2002 WINNER - Sharp-Tailed Grouse 2001 WINNER - Sage-Grouse 2000 WINNER - Blue Grouse
by Jeffrey Klinefelter by Jeffrey Klinefelter by Jeffrey Klinefelter

Past Winners

1999 - Jeffrey Klinefelter - Ruffed grouse
1998 - Charlotte Edwards - Ring-necked pheasant
1997 - D.J. Cleland-Hura- Gray partridge
1996 - Pam Stoehsler - Chukar
1995 - Pam Stoehsler - California quail
1994 - Kenneth Catlett - Mountain quail
1993 - R. Bruce Horsfall - Ring-necked pheasant
1992 - Jeffrey Klinefelter - Blue grouse
1991 - Kip Richmond - Sage-grouse
1990 - Kenneth Catlett - Ruffed grouse


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