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  • 02/24/15

The draft 2014 Oregon Wolf Conservation and Management Annual Report is available online. It includes the 2014 update for Oregon’s Wolf Population. Nine wolf packs and six new pairs of wolves were documented in Oregon in 2014. Oregon’s minimum known wolf population at the end of 2014 was 77 wolves, including eight breeding pairs.

ODFW staff will brief the Fish and Wildlife Commission on the report at the Friday, March 6 Commission meeting in Salem.

  • 01/27/15

Eastern Oregon enters Phase 2 of Wolf Plan after at least seven breeding pairs documented for 2014

2014 Areas of Known Wolf Activity

Additional wolf documented in the Keno area

  • 01/13/15

New wolf activity in southwest Cascades. ODFW has documented new wolf activity in the southwest Keno Unit (in the southwest Cascades on a mixture of public and private lands).

Evidence of at least one wolf has been collected twice over the last month. This area is in a part of the state where wolves are protected by both the state and federal Endangered Species Act.

Repeated sign of a wolf requires that the agency designate an Area of Known Wolf Activity (AKWA), and ODFW will complete that next week.

The area this new wolf is using lies within the already established AKWA for the Rogue Pack (OR7), but data on OR7 and the Rogue Pack shows no use of this area recently.  The Rogue Pack AKWA will soon be adjusted to reflect its current use area.

Little is known of this new wolf (e.g., sex, age, origin, other wolves) and efforts to gather additional data will be made by both ODFW and US Fish and Wildlife Service. 

      •  12/17/14 New Area of Known Wolf ActivityDesolation Unit. A new Area of Known Wolf Activity (AKWA) has been designated by ODFW in the northern portion of the Desolation Unit (Grant and Umatilla County). On December 15, 2014  tracks of two wolves were documented by ODFW biologists in this new area.  Irregular reports of wolf activity have been received over the past year in this general area of National Forest, and biologists documented two instances of a single wolf earlier in the year. However, AKWAs are created where and when wolves have become established, meaning repeated use of an area over a period of time by wolves and not simply dispersal of wolves.

At this time, ODFW has little data regarding the specifics of this new pair (i.e., sex, breeding status, and specific use area) and additional surveys will be required to get this information.
      •  11/13/14 New Area of Known Wolf Activity (AKWA) for OR27-OR24 pair, Sled Springs pair and Unnamed Pack in Catherine Creek / Keating Units no longer AKWAs due to inactivity
      •  10/7/14 New Meacham Pack AKWA, ADW map and Deterrence Plan posted
      •  09/30/14 Meacham Pack (OR26) depredation qualifies
      •  09/25/14 First confirmation of depredation by Meacham Pack (OR26)
      •  09/24/14 New Mt Emily Pack AKWA, ADW map and Deterrence Plan posted
      •  09/23/14 Confirmed depredation by Imnaha pack qualifies

Two Mt Emily pack depredations qualify
      •  09/19/14 New wolf depredation in Mt. Emily pack. On September 15 and 16, ODFW confirmed depredations of sheep by the Mt. Emily pack.  A total of 8 sheep were killed in separate incidents on consecutive nights while on a public land grazing allotment. In addition, two livestock protection dogs were injured and one is missing following the first incident. These depredations are the first attributed to this pack, and also the first time that livestock protection dogs were confirmed injured by wolves. ODFW is working with the producer to increase wolf deterrent measures. ODFW will also be coordinating with area livestock producers, landowners, and other relevant interests to prepare an area specific wolf-livestock conflict deterrence plan per state wolf management rules.
      •  08/27/14 Umatilla River pack depredation qualifies

5/30/14 Wallowa County depredation now qualifies
       •  08/15/14 Depredation in Wallowa County-Chesnimnus wolves

Probable depredation in Umatilla County – Umatilla River wolves

       •  07/29/14 Chesnimnus wolves ADW map and Deterrence Plan posted
       •  07/21/14 Qualification reports posted, New AKWA posted
       •  07/17/14 Depredation, new wolf activity in Chesnimnus Unit (Wallowa County)

ODFW has confirmed new wolf activity by previously unconfirmed wolves in the Chesnimnus Unit (Wallowa County). The finding was made last night when an investigation confirmed that a domestic calf was killed by wolves in the Cougar Creek Area, on national forest lands (Wallowa Whitman NF) approximately 30 miles north of Enterprise. ODFW had received irregular reports of wolf activity in this area but this is the first recent information showing evidence of resident activity by  more than a single wolf.

At least two to three wolves were believed to be in the area where the calf was killed. These wolves are not believed to be part of any previously known wolf pack. ODFW is now working to gather more information on these new wolves, including determination of their reproductive status, and will attempt to radio-collar individual wolves in this group.

Depredation investigation report
       •  06/23/14 Two depredations qualify for Umatilla River Pack
       •  06/17/14 Confirmed depredation in Umatilla County – Umatilla River Pack
       •  06/17/14 Confirmed depredation in Umatilla County – Umatilla River Pack
       •  06/09/14 New Area of Known Wolf Activity – OR26, Unnamed Pack In Mt Emily Unit
       •  06/03/14 Confirmed depredation northeast of Enterprise
       •  03/14/14 New AKWA and ADW maps posted for Snake River Pack
       •  03/04/14 Probable depredation by Snake River pack
       •  02/24/14 Helpful information sheet on Harassment and Take of Wolves in Oregon
       •  02/24/14 Two Imnaha Pack qualified depredations from August 2013 no longer count towards lethal control because the six-month period has passed.
       •  02/06/14 Imnaha Pack depredation qualifies
       •  02/04/14 New wolves in Catherine Creek / Keating Units
       •  01/30/14 Imnaha Pack depredation confirmed
       •  01/16/14 IMPORTANT UPDATE – New rules regarding lethal control of wolves by livestock producers

The Fish and Wildlife Commission passed new rules about wolves last week, based on a legal settlement over lethal control of wolves.

Under these now permanent rules, livestock producers may take a wolf caught biting, wounding or killing livestock or working dogs, without a permit, under the following circumstances:
  • Wolf is in area of Oregon where it is not federally listed (currently, east of Hwys 395-78-95).
  • Wolf is on land owned or lawfully occupied by livestock producer.;
  • No bait or other intentional attractants have been used.
  • Any take of a wolf is reported to ODFW within 24 hours. The scene must be preserved and the carcass not removed.
  • A livestock producer can allow an agent to take a wolf if written authorization procedures are followed.
These rules also allow for livestock producers to take wolves which are chasing livestock under the same circumstances as above, but there are two additional requirements:
  • ODFW must have determined that wolves in the area are in “chronic depredation” of livestock. (Chronic depredation is defined as four confirmed, qualifying depredations within six months.)
  • Livestock producer must have first undertaken non-lethal actions as defined in rule.
As of today, there are no wolf packs in “chronic depredation” status and the take of wolves chasing livestock is not allowed.

View the entire rule and see the current status of wolf packs

       •  12/5/13 Imnaha Pack depredation qualifies
       •  12/4/13 New AKWA and ADW maps posted for Snake River Pack
       •  12/2/13 Snake River Pack depredation qualifies
       •  11/26/13 Third Snake River Pack depredation confirmed
       •  11/18/13 Second Snake River Pack depredation qualifies
       •  11/14/13 Imnaha Pack AKWA, ADW maps and Deterrence Plan posted
       •  11/6/13 Confirmed depredation by Snake River Pack
       •  10/31/13 Snake River Pack AKWA, ADW maps and Deterrence Plan posted
       •  10/29/13 “Probable” wolf depredation by Umatilla River Pack
       •  10/24/13 Update regarding Caught-in-the-Act Take of wolves
       •  10/24/13 Snake River Pack depredation qualifies
       •  10/16/13 First confirmed depredation by Snake River Pack
       •  9/20/13 Modification to Umatilla River Pack ADW
       •  9/4/13 Qualifying Incident Report – 130821 Wallowa
       •  8/30/13 Conflict Deterrence Plan posted for Umatilla River Pack
       •  7/19/13 Modification to ODFW Non-lethal Measures
       •  7/18/13 Ability to sign up for email notifications
       •  7/18/13 Redesign of Specific Wolf Information page
       •  7/18/13 AKWA map for OR7

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