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Rusty Crayfish
Rusty Crayfish
–Photo courtesy of USGS–

Invasive Species - Crayfish Permit FAQ


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a Permit?

Yes. This permit is used to authorize the importation, possession, purchase, or intrastate transport of non-native Crayfish in Oregon State for immediate consumption (OAR 635-056-0075).

How do I submit the Permit Application?

The completed application may be submitted by fax to 503-947-6330, by email to or, or by postal mail to ODFW Wildlife Division 4034 Fairview Industrial Dr. SE Salem OR 97302. This permit is issued from the ODFW Salem Headquarters office only.

How do I know what activities apply to my request and can I choose more than one?

Yes. You may choose more than one activity that applies to your request and to know which activities apply, ask the following questions for each activity:

Will I be importing the Crayfish into the state? Will I be purchasing the Crayfish? Will I be possessing the Crayfish? Will I be transporting or moving the Crayfish throughout the state once it is received?

Can I purchase, sell or release in to the wild live non-native Crayfish in Oregon?

No. Non-native crayfish may be harvested, possessed and sold commercially pursuant to OAR 635-005-0855 through 635-005-0885 or harvest recreationally pursuant to ORS 496.162 from waters of the State as defined in ORS 503.006. Live non-native crayfish may not be used as bait except in the waterbody in which they were taken and their gametes, fertilized eggs, or larvae may not be released into waters of the State.

Propagation is not allowed.

What is the process for obtaining the Permit for live non-native Crayfish?

  • Crayfish must be obtained from Crawfish suppliers outside Oregon and imported legally into the state through this permit. Non-native Crayfish must remain in an indoor secure facility and can only be removed when transporting for immediate preparation for consumption.
  • Permits may be issued by submitting a completed application to ODFW for review. If the application is approved a copy of the permit will be sent to the applicant and to the supplier if supplier’s name or contact information is provided.
  • For a business wishing to obtain crayfish for consumption and charging a fee, or for educational purposes, requests must be sent to Rick Boatner at 503-947-6308 or

Does the application have to be notarized?

Yes. Any application received without an official notary seal will not be accepted for review.

What does the Permit cost?

At this time there is no permit fee.

When does the Permit expire?

The Permit expires two weeks from the date of issuance.

Can I apply for an addition Permit if I have already received one?

Yes. If you have already been issued a permit and it is expired, you may submit a new application for review.




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