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Predatory Animal Control Donations

The 2011 Oregon State Legislature created the Predatory Animal Control fund with the passage of HB 3636. It allows hunters to contribute to predatory animal control by making a contribution when purchasing a hunting license, tag or permit.

How can I make a donation?

Hunters can make a donation online at ODFW’s license sales site by choosing Buy a Document/General. Donations must be in one of the following amounts: $2, $5, $10, $20, $50 or $100. Hunters can also make a contribution at a license sales agent.

How is the money divided?

Any donation received will be split among counties where the license, tag or permit is valid. For example, if the donation is made with the purchase of a general hunting license, it would be evenly distributed among all Oregon counties because these licenses are valid statewide. If the donation is made with the purchase of a controlled big game tag for a particular wildlife management unit, the donation would go to the county (or counties) where that unit is based. Donations not made in association with a license, tag or permit purchase are distributed statewide to all counties. It is not possible to designate a county for a donation.

When is the money provided to counties?

ODFW will provide monies to counties on a quarterly basis, once a system to accept and divide donations among counties is in place. HB 3636 set aside up to the first $45,000 in donations for ODFW to modify its license sales system so donations can be accepted and associated with specific counties.

What predatory animals can be controlled with the funds?

More current predator control programs target cougars, black bears and coyotes. Under HB 3636, cougars, black bears, wolves, furbearers, and “predatory animals” (feral swine, coyotes, rabbits, rodents, some birds destructive to agricultural crops) can be covered by the fund “to the extent allowable under state and federal law.”


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