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ODFW Commission Meeting Procedures


Commission meetings begin at 8:00 a.m. and proceed chronologically through the agenda. If you wish to receive written materials prepared for any of the agenda items, please contact the Director’s Office in Salem at (503) 947-6044 to request a packet for those items which interest you.

Lunch Recess

A recess will be taken at Noon, when the Commission will have lunch and may discuss matters of general interest. The public is welcome to attend, and an announcement will be made of the location of the lunch.


Parking is free in the lot in front of the Salem headquarters building.

Public Testimony

If you wish to give testimony on any item scheduled on the agenda, please sign up on the sheets provided on the day of the meeting and you will be called to testify by the Commission Chair. The Commission places great value on information received from the public, and wants to avoid arbitrary limits on the time or attention allocated to each witness. Therefore, persons desiring to testify or otherwise present information to the Commission are encouraged to:

  1. Provide written summaries of information to the Commission (20 sets);
  2. Limit testimony to three (3) minutes, recognizing that substance, not length, determines the value of testimony or written information;
  3. Endorse rather than repeat testimony of other witnesses; and
  4. Groups or organizations wishing to testify should designate one spokesperson whenever possible

Public Forum

If you wish to give testimony on any item not scheduled elsewhere on the agenda, please contact the Director's Office, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, 503-947-6044, at least 48 hours prior to the meeting. You will be called to testify by the Commission Chair immediately following the Commissioner Items portion of the agenda. Please provide 20 sets of written summaries or other materials to the Commission Assistant prior to your testimony. The Commission is unable to take action on items brought to their attention in this forum.


Materials delivered to the Director’s Office sufficiently in advance of the meeting will be copied and distributed to the Commission. If you bring written materials to the hearing, please provide twenty (20) copies. If you have questions regarding this Agenda, please contact Michelle Tate, Director’s Office, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, 4034 Fairview Industrial Drive SE, Salem, Oregon, 97302, or call 503- 947-6033.

Reasonable accommodation of disabilities

Reasonable accommodation, such as assistive hearing devices, sign language interpreters, and materials in large print or audiotape, will be provided as needed. In order to ensure availability, please contact the Director's Office at (503) 947-6044 (voice) or (503) 947-6042 (fax) at least 72 hours prior to the meeting to make your request.


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